Is common sense still common in today's society?

Asked by: Chtholly
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  • People do not have

    People just use the internet to give them answers and they do not think for themselves.
    And the internet just gives the worst advice, They tell you do this or buy this or work this way.
    As a blue collar worker certified with electricity I get upset when people just do things the wrong way.
    Simple hacks and life hacks that just harm people.
    Where is your common sense.
    The worst are influencers they are paid to hawk trash and dangerous products. One product is a "cleanser" when it is just a bottle of expensive laxatives.
    I mean the internet is great for getting information but there are way to many self proclaimed experts who are charlatans.

  • We have lost our common sense

    In today's society, What was once common sense has become lost. Such as Gender, How did we become so insane with this or trying to identify as an animal or something similar.

    Common sense was that there was only two genders, And no more. Male and Female, And now in today's society makes people believe a person can be both genders or change genders every day. I understand those who happen to have both parts. Today someone can also become transabled, They can say they have a disability, In reality, They don't have it.

  • Tech is turning us into zombies

    No one can cross the street without checking their phone anymore! We are addicted to screens and rely on them for everything. Now, All we need to do if we need anything is go online and buy it there. We should have the common sense we need to live our lives without checking twitter every 5 mins. Yet we don't

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