• Yes, more and more people seem to not think before they do or say something.

    I see more and more that people just don't think and use common sense anymore. I think part of the problem we as a whole have become more focused on ourselves than we have in the past. The sense of community is gone. For example I know that my neighbors think I am weird since I say hi and wave to them every time I see them. No one else in our neighborhood does that. At most its a slight acknowledgment that you exist. Common sense would say it is better to get along with your neighbors than not right? Or what I think is common sense in relationship to basic courtesy. Like holding the door open for someone that has a walker or cane. Not because they can't do it themselves if they had to, but it just makes sense to help if I can. Another example. If you spend more than you make you will go in debt, but I see people all the time that blame everyone else but themselves. It is common sense if you spend more than you have you will go in debt right? Maybe most of us just need to slow down and take a look at our lives and not be in such a rush and common sense may come back.

  • We don't look for simple solutions anymore.

    Look at some of the solutions that are out there. They aren't practical and simple, instead we seem to look for the most complicated ways to salve our problems. A little more common sense would make the world a better place than it is at the moment. Perhaps we will manage to find some.

  • Yes, I can see that.

    As sad as it is to say, I think that it is true to say that common sense really is an uncommon thing. In just looking at the majority of people in the USA today, it is far to say that many of them do not have any form of common sense.

  • Everybody Is Insane In Their Own Special Way

    Psychology is a messy thing. and most everybody is a little nuts in their own weird way. Human beings are irrational creatures at best. This is why a lot of people just don't get along. But, then again, I live in New Jersey. That may well just be a reflection of the region.

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