• It is neither good nor evil.

    Communism is a socio-economic theory. Under certain conditions it may thrive, and under others it will disastrously fail. Marx simply made a prediction on what would precede the disaster that was early capitalism. While he was wrong about communism coming into fruition, capitalism did undertake major reforms, and has since settled into the Keynesian style.

  • If done right communism can be good

    Communism has been tainted by people like Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, Kim jong un, and Mao Zedong. True, it has failed in the past, but real communism is about fighting corruption, eliminating poverty, and removing the class system that we see in capitalism. We have spent so much time fighting communism when we should be embracing it.

  • Communism is not Stalinist

    Most people when thinking of communism think of what Stalin did but the problem with that is that Stalin did not follow any of what the communist manifesto said. Its like saying isis are real Muslims when they don't follow the Koran. Isis are clearly just using religion as an excuse to do the thing that they have and will do and Stalin was no different he just used communism instead of religion. Lenin's communism on the other hand did follow what Karl Marx said and also worked extremely well. The people where extremely happy with Lenin and when he died most people in Russia mourned his death. Some even became depressed because of his death. The people even had him preserved and built a huge tomb for him. Allot of people also focuses on him killing the royals BUT not the millions he saved from starvation. The czars also where slave owner had caused millions of deaths and had destroyed the economy. So Lenin killing the czars was a good choice. Also instead of continuing in ww1 he thought it would be a better idea to pull out. This was so his people could get food as when they where fighting the Germans cut of food transports starving the country. Also the coast of war was to high in both deaths and in money. Many Russian people where being killed and the coast to fund war was to much. Lenin instead spent the money on helping his people. So he was one of the best leaders/people to ever live and he ran a COMMUNIST country and was himself a communist.

  • Communism can probably be the best form of government with modifications / a revision

    Communism or formally referred as Marxism, is probably the best form of government. I don't mean for its corruptness, I mean for its meaning. In communism equality is key. This is in a world filled with discrimination because of individuality and differentials in people. I believe with a revision of the Communist Manifesto can make Communism the best form of government by far.
    Communism prevents anyone from getting special care unless the government provides for special reasons. Even if you own a store, you don't have more money than anyone else. With this system you can find a job you like and don't have to worry about payment.
    Communism provides free education and free health care. Communist governments provide standard care for their citizens. Other governments make you pay for these basic rights unlike Communism, and they cannot deny you from these rights unless you denounce your citizenship.

    Please don't hate on my for my opinion.

  • Unity. Civility. Equality.

    Communism is a theory of a state-less, class-less and money-less society. No economic, political or socioeconomic allegiances to any one particular government ruling of society. Communism is misunderstood because it is negatively propagated by western civilization.

    I fortunately have a copy myself of the Communist Manifesto published in 1848 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, so I know the ins-and-outs of communism. But there are several forms of the ideology and that's where it gets sticky, there is more authoritarian communism (Marxism) and less authoritarian (Leninism).

    Just get over it.

  • Under the right circumstances it could work.

    What has always destroyed communism is greed,people want to help themselves and other people like them.So usually what happens is that the people that are elected/chosen to rule the communist country start to get power hungry and start screwing over the people.If for example,you had a direct democracy,the people would start helping themselves,and that's what you want.

  • Communist ≠ Dictator-pro

    Before we members in favor of communism are called fascists and despots, I will point out that that original communism was not intended to have horrible dictators that ruled ruthlessly over the people. Do not take our word for it, read "The Communist Manifesto", "Capital" and other books by yourself. We are every bit as outraged at dictators as anyone (besides him) are.

  • Never a good thing!!

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  • Is this really a question?

    Let's look at what communism has done to China. How about North Korea? Vietnam, anyone? Yes, I think you get the point. Communism is a failure and won't work. In America, we know what communism does and we fight against it. Again, why is this a question? Is it really necessary?

  • No No NO!

    Communism gives way too much power to the government, this inevitably results in an evil government, which is not a good idea.
    "Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the american Indian"- Henry Ford

  • No it is not good

    Although it sounds great on paper, it is not good when brought into real life, if everybody in the entire government system had exactly equal power, eventually there would be a power struggle, whereas if everyone had a set power amount, then everyone would be in their place. That's my argument.

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  • Because I Said So

    Communism is gay, and that is a scientific fact. Whenever I think about how gay communism is, I puke. Besides, my name is Charles Wesley, and I kill anyone who disagrees with me. And also, anyone that say communism works is gay too, and should be burnt at the stake.

  • Does not work

    Communism does not work. People that said yes should do more research on what it actually is and what happens when the government has absolute power. Communism does not give people the choices and freedom that capitalism does and it certainly does not make the country safer. END communism!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How many people on the yes side actually live in a communist nation?

  • Communism just doesn't work

    When you look at all of the countries that are communist are they successful? Vietnam, North Korea, and China all are deemed to be communist. Vietnam is an extremely poor country and has never done extremely well economically. North Korea has distorted what communism truly is and on top of that they have barely any money. If you look at a satilette image of North Korea today you can notice they only have lights for their people only restricted to their capital proving how little money this country really is. Finally China is the most successful country out of the three. Now why is that? Its because China accepts and opens its arms to capitalistic tendencies and this is why they are a growing economy not because its communist. On top of that many communist countries have all failed and for the most part the world follows a democratic capitalistic system because communism is to hard to work because you cant distribute all the wealth to a point where everyone is truly "equal". Its not possible and never will be.

  • No. Definitely not.

    Communism means (if you don't know) that everyone gets paid the same amount, no matter what profession/job they want to do. People that originally wanted to do a job that is in demand (such as dentistry or dermatology) may be put off receiving qualifications and undertaking courses to get the necessary qualifications to undertake that profession of their choice. How is this a good thing? Everybody will want to be an easy job, like a postman (if you're a postman and you disagree, please do reply because I want to hear your opinion) and the laziness of already lazy people will increase. If we want our society to be fair and controlled, we do not need Communism.

  • Thoughtful concept, but flawed.

    Communism can sound good on papaer, as yes it would be AMAZING if people could somehow be truly equal. The sad thing is, this concept backfired, bigtime.
    A. If everyone gets the same pay no matter how hard they work, there will be ZERO motivation to work much at all. This would be the downfall of any communist country.
    B. Communism has had a history of abusive governments. Just ask an expert like Joseph Stalin or Kim Jong Il.

    All in all, the french man who thought of the idea of communism had a perfectly good intended purpose, though in more than one way not described by script, it backfired. This would have been better in a PERFECT world, but sadly earth is not said world

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