Is communism actually that bad and why? (Intelligent debators only. NO TROLLS).

Asked by: MrV666
  • You're like sincerely asking for it.

    Who you gonna call? Big brother! Well you don't have to because he wiretaps all your calls anyway. Hey give a guy absolute control over a bunch of humans and let's see what happens. Oh yeah, every f***ing corrupt nation on the planet. "People's republic" my a**. Put your sh** in someone else's ear. Communism puts the power in the hands of some messed up mother f***er, and it doesn't solve for anything.

  • If you like your life being completely controlled.

    A very wise proverb comes into play here: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It doesn't matter how good and noble a system sounds on paper, in the real world human nature will take over. Show me one nation anywhere in the world where one ruling group has absolute, dictatorial power over everything that isn't corrupt. Let me save you the trouble, there aren't any. Regardless of a particular system's tenets, when imperfect humans are involved, you will end up with something very different.

    Jeremiah 17:9, "The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?" For that reason alone, yes, Communism is actually that bad.

  • If you mean Marxism-Leninism then yes

    Marx said that a certain level of development was necessary. Lenin wanted to just go right ahead and push it before it was ready. And currently there is not a single place in the world where it is ready. We can have a society without any money and with great abundance like in Star Trek and in a way that is "communist" but first we need robots doing most of the work. Even the rich won't object to this because technology would upgrade everyone's life.

    We have a long way to go before this.

    Regimes that try earlier wind up doing all kinds of evil things to make it work. Only Pol Pot's Cambodia actually abolished money and they rounded up and killed millions of innocent people, including children because they didn't want them to get revenge for their parents.

  • Communism works on paper

    Communism works on paper however as shown in animal farm by George Orwell it doesn't actually work because the leaders become corrupt and greedy. Capitalism is selfish and greedy too however it works well enough for people to live happily. Communism on the other hand is not very good h.

  • Yes, communism does not work.

    Yes, communism is actually that bad, because it removes an incentive to work. If a person gets paid no matter how hard they work, they are not going to work very hard. There's no reason to spent 7 years becoming a brain surgeon when you can bag groceries for the same amount of money. Communism fails every time it has been tried, because it does not work to the natural instincts of man, which is to want to own things for themselves.

  • Yes, but not on principles.

    I am not for communism, not because of the ideology, but for its fabric. Communism calls for a "bloody revolution" to get rid of the bourgeois. This is not what people should advocate for. Bloodshed is never the answer for a civilized society. Change people's mind with policy not force. Bring people to your thinking through policy.

  • Communism... The ultimate No rights Society. Might as well be an ant

    Communism at first has some ideals that would initially seem great. Jobs for all. A place to live. "Equal" distribution of wealth.

    Communism is a place where people who don't want to use their own mind would want to live. You would have no choice, no free will. You cannot choose your job, you cannot create your own product, and you are PROPERTY of the RULING CLASS.

    If you want to be owned by your government even more so than they do now, then you would like communism.

  • No, it isn't.

    I am speaking from experience...

    I am a Cuban national who currently resides in the United States. I had an absolutely wonderful life in Cuba and had achieved a PhD which cost nothing at all. Communism certainly is not about spying on opponents or suppressing the people it is quite the contrary.

  • When it Works

    Let me start by saying I do not agree with the concept of Communism, it's simply a fairy tale. That being said, Communism on paper is fantastic, this question is whether or not Communism is bad. No, Communism is not bad, nothing about it's concept is bad* depending on your definition of the word. The problem is people, Communism has never worked as it's designed, and will never work. It becomes diluted, a dictatorship, usually run by a madman. Which is almost the sole reason why the United States has opposed it at every turn, almost. The primary reason for our opposition to it is that it goes against everything Capitalism stands for. Communism is not bad or the route of all evil, but it's simply to advanced for humans, we're not ready for it. Socialism is basically just watered down Communism while Fascism is extreme Socialism. Though at the end of the day Capitalistic Democracy is where the party is at, USA all the way.

  • No, and keep an open mind.

    Before I get tackled on one side by Die heart Americans and hillbillies and trolls on the other, stay aware that I am an american to. That's what america is like, they accept anyone, and don't oppress(unless your a white trash idiot). Communism wasn't all that bad, don't pay attention to the wars and all the chaos, look at the politics and the republic. I know it looks bad when you look back on it, but when Lenin took power from the Tsars and brought Communism to a full steam ahead position, Russia actually was better than it had been(I'm talking about Russia due to it being a centralized location of communism). Their economy was ramped up and production was great. Communism wasn't meant to be the way it is viewed today. And anyways, isn't america wire tappers to? We spy on our own citizens and start our own wars for money, so aren't we like any other communist country(that's the way your putting it people).

  • A fine concept.

    A world where money is not an object. Where the government provides all necessities to you, with some extras as long as you provide to the system, and where all are equal. What is wrong with that? I believe the only reasons it has ever failed is because many humans are corrupted morons who can't bear not having wallets stuffed with hundred dollar bills every day.

  • Of course not!

    The only problem with communism is the transition from capitalism or monarchy. We as humans are raised to be selfish b*stards. Unless we can overcome that fundamental truth, and grow to love our fellow men, we will forever be mired in capitalism. Communism's problem is that it is centered on belief in the greater good and dedication to the betterment of the human race. Capitalism is founded on greed and wanting to be better than your peers. Guess which one's easier to maintain?

  • Quite a tough question...

    The whole idea of communism is good; the theory of eradicating poverty and helping those in need, through bringing about a collective ownership. However, the practice of it has proved bad in some cases, like evil, paranoid dictators. There has been good people in communism like Che Guevara, yet there has obviously been monsters like Stalin...

  • No. I don't think so.

    The only reason Communism has such a bad reputation is that it was the system of government of our former archenemy, the USSR, and is the system of government for our current rival, China.
    And neither of those two even practiced Communism in its true form the way Karl Marx envisioned it.
    Of course, it is nearly impossible for pure Communism to be put into effect anyways because it relies mostly on everyone in the society having a good moral compass... And most people don't.

  • Communism is certainly not as bad as what people say.

    In fact, some variations, such as Marxism or Council Communism, would probably be better than what we have now. Communism is in fact NOT about Big Brother or oppression or gulags or anything like that. It is about equal distribution of resources (which many so-called "communist" nations have horribly failed to do). Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Problems are Solved Much More Quickly

    In democracy, a bill, which is made to solve a problem, is issued by the Legislative Council to the Executive Council. The Executive Council will then employ members of two opposing parties to debate with each other on the bill. This takes quite a fair amount of time and an entire debate can go on for months at a time. Living in Singapore, there have been quite a number of bills which have been issued to the Executive Council and yet, you don't hear about them till months later. Democracy takes quite a large amount of time to solve problems and sometimes, it might not even solve problems.

    For communism, it doesn't take that long to solve a certain problem. The leader is the one who makes the decisions and though he/she might discuss with their subordinates about the problems, they will ultimately make the decision as to what to do to solve that problem. In that manner, problems are solved much more quickly in communism than in democracy, depending on what the problem is.

    The point here is that both types of ruling systems have their own flaws. The best way for a leader of the country to rule the country is to employ the use of both the systems in his career as a leader of a certain country. He should employ the correct forms of leadership during the correct situations. If the problem needs to be quickly fixed, then he needs to be partly communist in his approach. If the problem is a long-term problem and needs to be debated over in order to achieve more information on the subject of the problem, democracy is useful in that area. Whatever the case, both are good ruling systems and one should not be slandered just because a few of the apples in it became rotten :)

  • The problem is humans

    Communism is supposed to be good, if you you were to read the original theory from Karl Marx, you would probably say that it's a good theory, everyone gets equal resources according to their skills and so on, but human tend to horribly fail at this, because the key for communism to be successful is that the society has to have everybody follow the la and act like a saint, which is something most people can't do on a daily basis...

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