• The death of Lezze faire

    The overarching ideal of original liberalism from the french revolution was the idea of less faire. Which means I have a right to my own stuff and government can't take it. This is not the case, We have reached a time in which modern liberals are willing to take away businesses and other stuff and increase taxes on the rich claiming that its not there money. These are only the thoughts of marx himself. If this path is continued; it would be surprising to see a full government takeover of private property.

  • They are opposites.

    More accurate question of yours would have been: Socialism vs Capitalism rather than Communism vs Liberalism as according to marxist interpretation:

    Capitalism is economic system centered on mostly private property, Minimum wage and profit, There are two classes: capitalists and workers. Liberalism is a doctrine of capitalism prefering expansion of private property over public, Abolishment of minimum wage and low taxes on the rich.

    Socialism is economic system advocation abolishment of private property, Estabilishment of democratic worker management of industry.

    Communsim is social movement advocating for stateless, Classless and moneyless society.

    It is very clear that there are major differences.

  • Not at all.

    Communism is an economic ideology, Whereas liberalism is a progressive sociopolitical ideology. Communists are either staunch conservatives or very progressive. Whereas liberals are very often neoliberals - neoliberalism being a sociopolitical/economic ideology which is very progressive policy wise and supports "equality capitalism" i. E. Propping up dumb welfare systems which allow degenerates to leach off the government at the expense of the taxpayer. Communism is an ideology which advocates for a stateless, Moneyless society - whilst neoliberalism is very government orientated and highly economically involved.

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