• They torture and beat

    1 they don’t have the first amendment
    2 they have no freedom
    3 they make you to confess to a crime that you didn’t commit
    4 they torture and make you work while you are in prison for 17 hr a day. That a lot man. This is why it is bad thx

  • Nazism wants to work to institute genocide, Communism requires genocide to work

    Main reason why Communism is not considered as evil as Nazism is because it sounds nice. But that is all: It only really sounds nice. Problems begin when one looks deeper.

    Fact is that Communism, In order to work, Requires mass murder and even genocide. Humans are not the same, And therefore cannot be equal. Attempting to achieve complete equality will inevitably lead to oppression, Mass murder, And eventually genocide. If left alone, People will naturally differentiate. In order to achieve equality, One has to institute totalitarian control and oppression - but this leads to resistance, Which then causes a feedback loop where oppression and resistance reinforce each other, Ultimately resulting in mass murders, Pogroms and genocides.

    But Communism itself can lead to genocide even without all of the above. As a matter of fact, One of reasons for Nazi own genocides was Communist logic; basically, It is Communism defined in ethnic terms. Jews were seen as evil capitalists who control the means of production, And therefore had to go.

    Likewise, War itself was caused by Hitler's attemts at controlled economy. Nazism was fully socialist: there was some private ownership of means of production, But everything was produced according to the party dictate. Problem is, Socialist economy simply does not work. Therefore it was not long before Germany started to run out of basic resources, Especially as Hitler stopped trading for them. From then onwards, Nazis were on the clock: Jewish gold was not going to last forever, And even that did not solve the problem of basic resources. This in turn led to their lebensraum ideology, Which required them to invade other countries. Hence World War II and assorted genocides.

    Reason why I mentioned Nazism is that Communism was the exact same ideology: there was a hidden enemy of the people that had to be destroyed. The only difference was that where Nazism defined the enemy in ethnic terms (Jews), Communism did so in class terms (capitalists). Except, Things weren't so simple: Communism also included a significant ethnic aspect. While this was partly influenced by World War II, Tito considered Croats a trash that had to be, At best, Kept under control - and at worst, Exterminated. But it wasn't limited to him - chief ideologues of Communism, Marx and Engels, Had multiple statements which either called for, Or at least could be interpreted as calling for, A genocide of certain ethnic groups.

    So saying that Communism is merely an idealistic but flawed idea that had been used as a tool by evil people is wrong: Communism itself is evil. It may be merely an economic system, But every economic system has its political implications. And political implications of the Communist economic system invariably lead to tyranny and genocide. The fault is not of the people trying to implement the Communist system, Because the system itself has internalized logic and basic requirements which cannot be avoided - and as stated before, Invariably lead to genocides.

  • The only communism tried is authoritarian and totalitarian and communism isn't encouraging genocide and civil war

    I am a socialist, But I am anti-communist, As I believe communism bankrupts governments and societies. However comparing Nazism to communism is ridiculous, Because Nazism is an inherently totalitarian ideology, Whereas communism isn't inherently authoritarian/totalitarian its just that the only true communism that has been tried is Maoist China - Early Cold War China but this doesn't represent communism, As Maoism is a communist ideology but its highly different and everyone who died died under totalitarianism and even after Mao Zedong, China still was authoritarian and I think saying all the Soviet, Yugoslav, And Chinese deaths represent communism is delusional, As a wide array of other factors such as totalitarianism come into play. I believe comparing communism to an ideology which encourages ethnonationalism, Which in turn causes civil war and genocide is ridiculous.

  • Communism is a deeply flawed economic system and only that

    I personally would not consider myself to be a big supporter of communism. I do see the flaws in many of our more successful capitalist societies. Though I do not agree with some of these radical youths that advocate for bringing down the system. I don't believe something as complicated as economics can just be boiled down to a catchy slogan or an easy answer. Complex problems require complex solutions. With that aside, I do not believe Communism is as inherently bad as Nazism. For although Communism has proven to be incredibly flawed in practice and has been used as a tool for many vile men to commit unspeakable atrocities, It in itself is not inherently evil. It is but an economic system and whether that system is functional or not does not make it evil or not because a system alone cannot act with malice because it is but a system. It can be warped or exploited to spawn great evil but that great evil is not the fault of the system but rather of those who manage it. Meanwhile Nazism is inherently a hateful and wrong ideology. Its beliefs are rooted in hate for anyone who does not fit a specific Social Darwinist view of the world. Nazism is a belief set that is inherently riddled with malice and thus if measured by that component can be said to be the more evil ideological party.

    Although if we put aside the ideology and look at this from a historical perspective of how both have been used throughout history, I would definitely argue they have both been used in equally demented ways or even communism being the more harmful of the two. For unlike Nazism, It not only has caused the deaths of millions from hateful and monstrous people using it to create atrocity, It has caused the deaths of additional more millions due to the economic horrors such a system spawns within a society when implemented.

  • Ahistorical anti-communist propaganda

    Historical Communism was very flawed, Yet delivered a lot of improvements and brought great progress. Massive increases in life expectancy, Literacy and scientific achievements have all occurred under Socialist governments, And communism has been committed to anti-imperialism all over the world. Fascism has also delivered a few important advances in technology, But this is massively outweighed by the suffering caused by war and genocide - Unlike Communism, The ideology cannot be separated from militarism and authoritarianism as these are the core principles of Fascism.

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WhiteNationalFascist says2021-04-22T07:03:56.827
National Socialism is not evil.

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