• Communism gives equality Capitalism creates class and divides us

    Communism was created to end the divide between rich and poor, capitalism is the enemy we must fight to bring equality to our world. People say communism is bad because they have been influenced through propaganda because leaders and companies are afraid to lose the power they have, and they want to keep it...

    "The theory of communism may be summed up in a single sentence: the abolition of private property."
    Karl Marx

  • It works better in theory

    In theory, communism does work a lot better than capitalism. However, the reason it doesn't work in the real world is due to the problem of human nature. There is nothing flawed in the theory, except for the expectation of Marx that humans will work for the good of others. This just shows that we, as humans, have yet to understand the idea of generosity, and caring for others to an extent where we think beyond profiting ourselves.

  • Only a fool would believe capitalism is better than Communism.

    To say that "Communism just doesn't work" is the equivalent of saying that man was never meant to fly because the first airplane the Wright brothers made failed due to sabotage by a car company. The millions of examples of Stalin and the North Korean dictatorial regime are so foolish and ignorant I laugh every time I hear a sheep say it.
    They do not represent true Communism so they should not be told that those are examples of real Communism. Yet every time a sheep hears Communism they instantly enter this "Attack" mode almost like they have been programmed to do so. It's really shocking how many people really do not understand true Communism.
    Another point to be made is that typical capitalists love to say how it is "good in theory" or "it looks good on paper." Well, unless the writer is a complete sociopath, what wouldn't look good paper? The goal, like ANY economic/political ideology is to strive to reach that system.
    Communism has NOTHING to do with ruling others or oppressing anyone. Everything we feared about Communism - that we would lose our houses and savings and be forced to labor eternally for meager wages with no voice in the system- has come true in capitalism. To all the fools, do the research and understand Communism for what it truly is.

  • Marx had the right Idea

    With Capitalism trade and industry is controlled by the rich and they are the only ones to reap the rewards, but with Communism everyone reaps the rewards. The rich own everything in Capitalism and make up the "Upper Echelon" of society, while in Communism everything is owned by everyone. Communism has its problems, but it's still better than Capitalism

  • Maybe not 'better' but surely 'more rational'

    'better' is subjective term, 'rational' is not. No living form, except humans, can own anything, be it land or object. That is' Special Pleading' fallacy since it is not explained why humans have such special rights. Dog surely thinks that he owns that tree-he marks it, yet we know that this tree is not his to own. Thus, simply holding a belief that you own a private property does not lead to conclusion that you actually own it. Until someone can present us with logical explanation on why life forms A/B/C cannot own a property while life form D can, we must conclude that private ownership is irrational and illogical (Im willing to debate this in greater extent). Note: Argumentum ad populum will not slide here. Just because you have large group of people agreeing with you that this piece of land belongs to you, doesnt mean that it actually does.

    Money is not effective. Commonly sharing all end-product will result in all involved individuals having equal share of everything that is produced by whole group. Money will lose its meaning since everyone will have everything. There will be no need for middle-man (money). We lose nothing and we gain a lot. Since all products will be equally distributed among involved individuals, no single individual will have something other individuals dont. Think what this implies...

    Capitalism is about profit, communism is about common good. This is self explanatory.

    Communism is pure democracy, capitalism is not. Since you cannot make everyone happy, closest thing you can do is to make as many people happy as possible. Giving minority rights to limit actions of majority is irrational, because you are exchanging happiness of one large group for happiness of small one.

  • The result says all.

    It's obvious that everything has its advantages and disadvantages. What we are looking for our better life, harmonious society, political guarantee and stable economy is an appropriate choice that fit almost all (not all) demands. Some time we are unable find the optimal solution for something but a better one. In my perspective, the overall result is a living proof that we need to scrutinize. Just look at the economic condition of communist countries. A good idea ( Karl Max were supposed to have a good idea for constructing the communist guideline) does not necessarily mean an applicable or effective one, and this critical argument hold true for almost areas.

  • Real Communism Stands For

    As an American Communist I think Americans really need to learn what Communism is. Its NOT no classes, it talking your hard money, and not a single country has ever been Communist. Marx was talking about the removal of the bourgeoisie. The people that have more that they can even spend. That there needs to be limits on how much wealth one can have. Its people like Warren Buffett that would be effected. I find the state of America sad. This Thanksgiving there was people eating off gold plates drinking wine with $25,000 a bottle. This while good hard working families couldn't have a turkey. That there was innocent children that when to bed hungry on a Holiday about giving to others.

    “The modern bourgeois society that has sprouted from the ruins of feudal society has not done away with class antagonisms. It has but established new classes, new conditions of oppression, new forms of struggle in place of the old ones.”
    ― Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto

  • Communism is the solution to poverty.

    In a communist society, nobody lives in poverty. We can make sure everyone lives a good middle class life, and there is not TV commercials or corporate sponsorship. The United States has brainwashed its citizens into thinking communism is where everyone lives with nothing, and everyone is controlled by an evil dictator. Communism without a corrupt leader will allow the human race to advance infinitely.

  • It is a new idea

    AN ARGUMENT FOR COMMUNISM: It can potentially grow into a good system. Many people perceive it as evil and much of the developed world sanctions against it. We as a human species can achieve great things if we put our differences aside and start working together for scientific and economic progress.

  • Communism is the ideology of meme-gods

    Honestly, There aren't really any good memes about Capitalism. Communism, On the other hand, Has a plethora of legendary memes and it's own cult followings by noble meme-followers such as myself. Personally, I find myself sexually attracted to Karl Marx, With his sexy-ass beard, So why wouldn't I love Communism?

  • Communism does not work.

    "Command" systems do not work economically because they have the net result of reducing wealth. Sure, the rich aren't rich, but no one else is either. Challenge me to a debate and we can argue this for real. Fact is, communism is commonly known to be a failed economic system.

  • No such evidence.

    There is no evidence of this, anywhere. The original script for Communism was based on faulty economic data, and no communist state has ever succeeded. China? They've become more and more capitalist over the past few decades. Hardly communist at all. And you know what? The more capitalist they become, the better their life have become.

    In principle, the freedom to invest in your estate and make financial growth off it is simply better. The Government is not financially competent enough to manage the economy themselves.

    List one nation to prove Communism works (a list of 0). I'll respond with a much much larger list of Capitalist nations that did better (all of them.)

  • Look at the thriving economies of China, Cuba, Laos, North Korea, Vietnam, and the former USSR.

    Communism has never worked. There is no good reason that the government should own everything and ration it out how they please. Communism doesn't want less poor people, they want less rich people. There has never been a single communist society that didn't have a horrible condition of living for the poor. Even when the USSR was still instated, they would use the movie the grapes of wrath as a propaganda tool to show the citizens poor people living in a capitalistic society, but it backfired on them because the citizens of the USSR were astounded that even the poorest people in a capitalist society still were able to afford cars. All societies will have people who are poorer than others, period. The difference is that with capitalism, you get to redefine what poor is. For instance, in the USA, the poverty line is on average any household that makes less than 20K a year, which is more than the middle class makes in many other countries, especially communist ones. Also, it is a place where a millionaire and someone who is unemployed have a high chance of having the exact same phone. There is a reason communism has never worked.

  • Communism is Evil

    Communism is evil and is making the planet a horrable place with communism we have evil people trying to destroy america cause there stupid communism is why earth is going to burn now that

  • To much power to the government.

    It has been known in history that living conditions of Communist nations have been very poor! Communism introduces a system in which there are no classes, meaning there is no class warfare. Now this sounds good and all, but lets look at it a different way. Communism has a one party system, meaning that there is only one group of people that gets to rule the country, and all who oppose them will DIE. Communism is the epitome of oppression, and should be delegated in the law of all mankind that even though we are created equal we can never "be" equal. Communism is BAD, Capitalism is slightly less BAD.

  • It is good, but it will fall after a while.

    The thing with Communism is that they say they will give everyone the same amount of resources and jobs to help the community/country. But the thing is, this will eventually fall, because everyone knows we will run out of resources one day, and if they give an even amount, they will eventually run out. When it runs out, it doesn't even be classified as Communism anymore, most countries change to a facist government, so more resources can be conserved.

  • Because yeah ...

    Because yeah its not better and yeah because yeah its not better and yeah because yeah its not better and yeah because yeah its not better and yeah because yeah its not better and yeah because yeah its not better and yeah because yeah its not better and yeah because yeah its not better and yeah because yeah its not better and yeah because yeah its not better and yeah because yeah its not better and yeah

  • Communism is great in theory, but can and will never work in practice

    Communism was an idea created by Karl Marx in the 1800s in a time when the upper class ruled everything and the lower class ruled nothing. Communism, a system of government that made everyone equal, sounded ideal and very good at the time. However, when the Soviet Union was created, it was discovered that this system does not work in practice. The government ends up ruling over everything and the people all live with almost nothing. Capitalism isn't perfect, but I think it more promotes hard work and prevents the government from becoming too large and taking over everything.

  • It rewards jobs that require less

    Not only does it give equal amounts to a burger flipper and a doctor, but it also makes people not want to push themselves to thrive. It slows down technology because it causes the smarter people in society not want to push themselves to do a job that requires more intelligence then others.

  • Not in a million years

    Communism limits the potential people have in the market, it holds every down and keeps us with the LCD of society, no motivation is inspired because everyone will ultimatly make the same amount, plus look at history, communist economies dont do well in the history books, people starve, and the government controls everything

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