• Why does communism even exist?

    Well, capitalistic lifestyle grands success to those that work hard- to those that have talent in what they're doing=> to those that are more efficient than the others. Fair and effective in many countries like USA. Capitalism gives power to those that want it, communism can't work if someone is in-control or better than another. /Communism: No freedom, No independence, No evolution! Case closed/

  • Yes it is

    People are basically selfish and if they work for the common good, as with Communism - there will be a tendency to freeload or otherwise take advantage of the system. For communism to work you would need to make sure that everybody was doing their fair share. You would need a system of points, to make sure everybody is doing their part. People then work to earn points, so that they can justify receiving their share -- or else they don't get their share, or they go to jail, or they're kicked out of the community, or some other fascist reaction. I can hear the non producers screaming already. The former Soviet Republic is its poster child.

    Capitalism is also a value-point system, with the points being capital. Capitalism allows people to starve. However, unlike communism, capitalism also allows people to better themselves and their situation. Capitalism also allows people to ensure a better future for their offspring, should they have any, and to contribute surplus resources to organizations that they believe in. I think that it is not a perfect system, but it is the best one we have.

  • It is not.

    Communism is in no way, shape or form more helpful then capitalism is. Communism has failed time after time, leading to dictatorships and countless people dying. Capitalism, while it may have a big disparity in the wealth of the rich and the poor, is a whole lot better then communism.

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