Is communism/socialism really as bad as people make it out to be?

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  • Commonly confused or bashed with false pretenses and reasons that are not true

    People often confuse true communism/socialism for Stalinism or Maoism which are strict authoritarian ideals that claim to be leftist when they are not in the slightest. The USSR was not communist, neither is North Korea or China, and of you don't believe I'll gladly explain to you. Communism is simply a system that wishes to abolish the state and corporations which rules over us and control our lives give power to the people and make an economy based on resources rather than currency. No communism does not claim to be a flawless utopian economic system it just claims to be a system that works and gives power to the people rather than the government or corrupt political parties and establish a system where people work cooperatively with unions or managers to make life easier. Thank you for reading and please don't bash economical systems based on false information.

  • Of course not:

    All three of the well-known economic socio-political theories have their place, time, and value. At no point is one inherently worse than another and I completely agree that those who are for or against one of these in the trifecta use exaggerated or ignorant examples and misdirect their listeners with false notions of inferiority or superiority for their targeted system.

  • Explanation of Socialism

    Socialism is the formation of a defensive state after a workers revolution. The purpose being is to defend the proletarian from reactionary forces. A secondary objective of socialism is to set precedents for production after the state is dissolved. After the bourgeoisie threat is eliminated the state is dissolved and communism comes into being

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Craighawley215 says2014-08-07T14:25:32.900
The major problem that people have with socialism is the concept of wealth redistribution. The concepts of group over the individual is also a bit difficult to swallow, but I believe that group betterment is a worthwhile goal. Where the problem lays is that communist and socialist programs inevitably will fail after a period of time, simply because they are too fragile and dependent on civilian ethics.