• Equality is great!

    Communism is not the system that represses you into a machine part that the Soviets practiced. In fact they practiced Authoritarian State Capitalism. Communism is the system of sharing what is in the society so that the weakest and the poorest are not starving. It is the society that is based on the individual not the individuals employer.

  • Much more efficient!

    In communism no one is starving and every ting goes faster. Og a decision needs to be made it tales max a week, but in capitalism it takes a month to Hald a year depending in the problem. Youtube get every neccesity done in communism and every one have what they need to live a healthy live, in capitalism og you first get poor you have little to no chance to get Up against, and a lot og the time you will either be struckling to survive or living in extreme wealth without anything to worry about, but IT is the first of the two which is most Common (abuot 90%).

  • It hasn't been a 72-hour period yet
    Someone already did this one, so knock it off.
    My answer to that one carries over to this one as well.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Has always failed

    This has to be a joke. Communism has failed every time its been used. If it didn't work then why would it work now? Look at North Korea they are communist and are doing terrible. That includes Cuba and Vietnam as well. Down with communism up with Capitalism. Communism will eventually end.

  • Communism Goes Against Human Nature

    There is a difference between Equality and Justice. In a communist society no one will want to work, they can make no difference in their life. No one will become doctors or engineers because those jobs require years of hard work/training with no benefits. Someone who has a high-risk, long hours, stressful, and overall difficult job makes the same as someone who flips burgers or even just sits on the couch all day.

  • Communism has no freedom

    A communist society does not function because there is no freedom for anyone. Not just the methods are flawed, but the ideals are flawed. The ideal of "you must live for the purpose of serving others" is unappealing to human nature and therefore people cannot exist under such a condition. Those who do are not happy and do not work to their full capability. More than this, the ideology is based on the principle of collectivism: that people are not individuals but they are necessarily apart of a large collective. This is not true, as the success of capitalism helps to prove.

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