• Yes, I think compentency-based education is better then traditional education.

    While studies are still ongoing to determine how much more effective compentency-based education is over tradional education I think the initial results are very positive, when you are teaching someone concrete real world skills versus more abstract skills you are making the content more relevent to their interests and will keep their attention more.

  • Yes, it is better.

    Competency is a good source of education for our youth and people growing up in this educatoin system because it teaches them to be the best that they can be. If they have competence, they will be set and prepared for the world outside that we call the job market.

  • Yes, it is.

    The reason why competency based education is better than traditional education is because it is more focused on the individual and their style of learning. Traditional education is sort of a conveyor belt you place children on and toss information at them, hoping they absorb as much of it as possible.

  • It's opaque, confusing, and not necessary

    It doesn't address the real problems in education and parents and colleges don't understand what it means:

    This is what Districts should be focusing on:
    1) Discipline
    2) Real accountability (remember when kids actually stayed back?)

    It's just another education fad whose day shall pass like all of the others.

  • Of course not !

    It is absolutely absurd to claim that one can diagonise what qualities are there in a growing child and teach only what he or she is competent in.A growing child is in the process of discovering the virtues hidden in him or her so needs a general education that prepares him for any field that he/she chooses for when he/she gains maturity.

  • No, competency-based education is not better.

    I do not think that competency-based education is better than traditional education. I think that it depends on the people who are taking the certain type of educations. I think that it varies from situation and especially the course being taken. I think that people are all going to learn differently.

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