• Competition is good.

    It makes people have a deadline and a goal that is made to complete. To illustrate this point, most of the people who are in Korea have a mind to compete. To compete, they make a goal to practice the contest. When they make a goal, they work and work, then accomplishes the goal. When it is finished the 'the work to accomplished goal' becomes the part of his or her knowledge. Then, they make a new goal. Then work again to accomplish the goal. To say it simply, as they work to accomplish the goal they get smarter and clever by the thing they were learning for the goal. Thus, competition is good.

    Posted by: cmh
  • What would the world be like without competition?

    If there was no competition, America would have never landed on the moon. The main reason they even went to the moon was because of national pride. They simply had to show their biggest competition, Russia, that they were the best. Competition is necessary in all aspects of life. Without competition we would all be paid the same and people would get lazy. Doctors, specialists, professors etc. Would become extinct and where would we be then? We would all be treated the same and that might sound alright at first, but then you thinnk about it. With everyone being treated the same, everyone would have the same amount of respect, that's the same as saying nobody has respect. And also, we would all have the same belongings and house. Again, this would make the human race even more lazy and less motivated because why would we do something productive is we would just be given the same things as someone that works for it for nothing? BOTTOM LINE: without competition we are looking at one thing, Communism
    by: Holly Hatch

  • Why Be Equal?

    Living in a competitive society is a good thing because it's entertaining. We are all different so why settle in for equality? If we were all equal then why bother go watch a soccer game or a see a beauty pageant or maybe even a cooking contest? If everyone was the same then there's no need for all of that. Who would care? We'd all know that everyone was a winner... Actually there wouldn't even be a winner. Why be equal? If you have a special talent show it off that's what makes us.. Us. We don't all have to be the same. We aren't robots so why act like it? Show off what you have :)
    - Maggie <3

  • Competition Part of Free Market Economy

    Competition, especially in a free market economy, is a good thing for Americans. Competition keeps prices down and quality high as companies vie for dollars. Competition in school and sports is also a good thing as it helps kids get ready for real life. Competition ensures the best rise to the top and elevate the people around them.

  • Competition in High School

    With no offense intended, I am an Indian guy who is currently a freshman in High school. Most of my friends are brown like me so we are all very ambitious. If my friends were not so competitive, I would not be either. My goal is to secretly beat them in things such as SAT scores, grades, after school club elections, and even looks. Although this sounds very mean and hostile, it is the truth. Competition brings out the best in me, motivating me to work harder to win.

  • Competition is a good thing

    Competition is competing against someone or something. A challenge is a competition for a prize. Competition is a good thing. It’s about finding out how well you can do something under pressure. It’s about challenging yourself to get better, stronger, or to improve yourself. It can be about working together as a team to accomplish a goal. You compete to succeed, and to be the best there is. It is about wanting to win, working to win and preparing to win.
    We can have competition with ourselves. It can be one of our hardest opponents. We can compete with another person, team, business or country. Competition is the same when you work at jobs as it is in sports. To have a result that people will like people have to focus on and commit to doing the work needed to improve. Doing the best you can is the most important challenge everyone should attempt.
    A coach, in any sport wants players who are good competitors. A talented athlete can be a challenge to teach or improve their skill. If success comes too easily for the player, there is no reason to work very hard. When the player is facing a tough opponent, he or she may not have the endurance to battle or get by, and will give up easier then another player. Having to work hard in practice will carry over to a game. Defeating problems in advanced teaches a player to handle hardships later on in games.
    When you think about technology and how far we have gotten today we had competition to push us more into discovering new things. In the early days people washed their clothes by hand, someone outsmarted other people and made what is today the wash machine. Also people used to walk everywhere now people drive everywhere. Later on the Wright Brothers invented the airplane to get from place to place faster. Its mainly about who can do build the fastest, strong, and best built invention there is.

  • Free market

    Competition is part of living in a free market society, and it is, in general, a good thing. It encourages people to be their best, because if not, someone else will come along and take opportunities. Too much competition can be destructive, like if too many people fail and there is no chance to get ahead, or if too many resources are spent on advertising and such and not enough on actual product development, but this is why we need some government and don't live in just pure anarchy.

  • Yes, competition is good thing.

    Yes, I believe that competition is a very beneficial thing in many aspects in life. Without competition, there would be very little to no drive to do things well and therefore everybody would settle on average. Take for instance communism. On paper, it looks like a good policy, but since everybody gets a similar amount of income regardless of whether they are a doctor, a professional athlete, a mechanic, or a mailman, nobody would strive to do better than their neighbor, and people in general would be lazy and apathetic.

  • Competition can be a great thing

    Competition can teach people how to win and lose respectfully without taking it too hard. People need to be taught at an early age that they can not win at everything. While it's important they strive to be the best there is always going to be someone better than them out there. Competition can help them understand that but can also help them strive to beat the best so they constantly improve their own performance in the process.

    Posted by: jus
  • Competition is the spice of life!

    When we are beaten, we look for ways to get back to the top. It encourages innovative and creative thinking. We can also be competitive with ourselves, seeking to better ourselves. If this is not taken to destructive levels, competition can only be a positive thing. If nobody was competitive, we would all settle for being average, and the world would be a static limbo. Instead, we push towards greatness (which can be in the smallest things in life) and competition is what drives us to do this.

  • Competitions are detrimental to the society.

    Competition creates winners and losers, Because winners are usually the minority, More competitions lead to more losers in a society and more inequality. Winning enforces positive changes in the brain, And losing does the opposite, Therefore winning begets winning, And losing begets losing. The cause of winning or losing doesn't matter in its effect, You can win by cheating, Luck, Or hard working, You get the positive psychological benefits regardless. For this reason, A society only rewards winners is not just, And the losers become the majority, They are psychologically damaged and depressed.

  • A perpetuated myth, Generally provably redundant, An empty concept often filled by personal agenda and insecurity. Not a term worth using.

    The virtues that people attribute to competition are by no means exclusive or even promoted by competition. The state generally compels people to as false confidence in their position; their ability, Their entitlement, Their drivers. I'll assume examples of this are obvious.
    If I assume universal values to be that of no harm, No imposition of will or presence etc. Then it seems most important to foster sensitivity between people, Not moral sensitivity but awareness, Paying as neutral and as observational as possible an attention to each other, To ensure, Within the best of our ability, We do not impose upon one another and instead negotiate we world as an equal plane.
    Competition may be useful for getting us to pay attention to others merits, Making their ability and function relevant, But it tethers that perspective to an assumed self-interest, Further entrenching self-interest as a universal condition by presenting other as consensual to the arrangement, That they are 'in' competition with you, Rather than just performing upon a neutral plane with possibly random reference to you, Which I would believe to be more accurate of an assessment.

  • Winners are more likely to steal

    There was research done on this https://www. Scientificamerican. Com/article/how-winning-leads-to-cheating/
    visit the website to see the facts it is truthful and helpful I think, I am writing a persuasive essay about why I shouldn't have to compete. In a competition not all competition is bad but most is and we need to be notified about it

  • No it is not good thing

    Because it give birth to jealousy in studets. And they become enimies of each other. Everyone in our society wants to become good from other. And they don't think what is good for us insteead of this they keep tryiny again and again to defeat others at any cost. So this is my opinion.

  • A Human flaw

    Competition against other people when the objective is to promote superiority is a flaw in Human nature and a selfish singular act in general. . . Competition when the objective is to achieve something for the greater good is constructive and can be a collaborative effort. Sport is a disposable pastime often elevated to artificial importance, And exploited as such.

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  • Competition is about Victory and Defeat, Neither yields a fruit worth enjoying.

    As someone who has above average intelligence, And is both physically as well as creatively gifted, I have hardly "lost" at anything in my life. I am usually very successful at what I do.
    With that being said, I have never felt any lasting joy, Or fulfillment in my victories. They may last that day, Or the next, But eventually my obsession turns to ensuring that I will always be the best. I live in fear of losing competition, I live in fear of no longer being able to validate myself. My socialization has embedded these subliminal thoughts deep in my psyche, To the point where I often find myself judging others, And de-validating their stances, Because it would differ from my own. This type of close mindedness is a direct result of the competition in our culture. We have all become supremacists of our own ability to power.

    I believe the Taoists would say that we have culturally confused the road map, For the road.

    I believe that if we can all agree that conflict is a fundamental aspect of existence (outlined by many social theorists), Then we can see how competition is directly related to that conflict.

    With that being said, My main point is that competition is not expressly bad, Nor good, But can be bad, And can be good. However, With my experience, Competition has not yeilded much benefit for myself.

    However, If I owned a successful company that thrived off of the competition existing in a free market, I'm sure that my opinion would be different. I would see how competition leads to inovation that leads to the ability to improv life conditions for all people. That some people may deserve to have extra due to the amount of time and labor placed into their company or what have you.

    The reality is this, If the reason this poll is being conducted is to determine the best course of action for the future, It certainly will not be in going with all the answers on the right, Nor will it be from all the answers on the left.

    We need to compromise, And work together, Instead of trying to win.

  • I believe not

    You are literally throwing kids into a ring of power. You pressure then to win, They have to win. And if you are in a group/team it's even worse. Have you ever been mad at a teammate because they could have won it for the team? Have you ever been stressed out because you don't want to let the team down? By competing in a group you are breaking friendships.

  • Competition is human nature, but it the worst side of human nature

    There’s no stopping competition, it’s a part of who we are, but it’s the root cause of most problems in society. It’s the one thing Marx forgot to realize when creating his communist utopia, and it ended up turning his dreams into hell on earth. America lives and accepts competition, and it’s why we have so many poor people, both minorities and not, who are treated as second class citizens, and so many rich horrible people at the top. In competition you forget about what’s best for society, the others around you, the enviroment, you only care about yourself or your team, and could care less if the other team and everything else died, as a matter of fact you encourage it because ultimately it’s less competition for you. Some people say money is the root of all evil, and while it may seem like it is, even economics itself is it’s own competition. So I would say, competition is the root of all evil, but unfortunately it’s a necessary evil. Any attempt to get rid of competition would be pointless, and most likely make the competition worse. So is competition bad, yes , but Should we try and stop it, no.

  • No Winners, No Losers

    Competition relies on a winners and losers system. People win at the expense of other people losing. I believe the winners still lose in a sense because of the stress and suffering they went through to get to the top. Instead of focusing on oneself or a team, why not work together to do something great? A team is always better than an individual. When we rely on a system that rewards winners and punishes losers there is an incentive to cheat. Why not work together so that cheating is no longer an issue? We can all benefit. By having winners and losers we begin to constantly compare ourselves to others. There is an incentive to make sure your competitors don't perform well. By choosing not to compete we learn to accept others and that can make the world a better place to live in.

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