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  • It is good for kids to compete.

    A small amount of competition is a good thing for kids because it sets them up for losses and wins in life. They won't always get a big 1 million dollar job. They won't always win in soccer, Or basketball, Or hockey. Competition sets up people for times they fail and the times they succeed.

  • Never would I agree with no competition, We got to the moon with the competition, Schools compete for the best school out there

    I believe that competition is a good thing because it helps build character, Mental stamina and a good sense of others. It helps it build a sense of admiration, Devotion, And worship

    Any victory is worthy of reward whether its a lollipop or its a stack of benjamins. -Timothy Shelton

  • Both arguments are good and show various important point. It depends upon situation

    I have seen both posts regarding competition. What I think is competition is good or bad depends upon situation. Like if you do competition to enhance yourself to what you need then it's good. But, When it becomes your greed. You get so self centered and don't think out of box, So it becomes worse.

    So, Competition is a good thing until you need it and you want to achieve something.
    It's bad if you harm anyone due to competition and harm yourself both physically, Mentally and socially.

    I would suggest to look few points from both and try to control by thinking where you actually need to be best or you just want to focus on other important things

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  • Yes Yes Yes

    Without competition no one would strive to get better. Competition is the reason people get better, For example take the olympic games. This competition is what makes professional athletes strive to get better at whatever they do.
    A world without competition is a world without any actually competent people at all.

  • Competition is good

    Competition is good because it makes people more determined, To beat the competitor. Say, There was just one company with a monopoly. It wouldn't need to innovate, Because it already has the best offer. But with competition, You always want to do better than your opponent, So you innovate. With competition, There is more progress, Than without.

  • Don't you need better things? Better does not happen without competition

    Anything and everything needs continuous improvement. Improvement does not usually happen on its own and sometimes needs a kick in the butt. Competition may result in the death but the "better" is born. Humans are prone to cheat, That is why we have fair competition laws.
    Kill competition kill improvement

  • The world needs improved solutions and competition is way to improve

    Anything and everything needs continuous improvement. Improvement does not usually happen on its own and sometimes needs a kick in the butt. Competition may result in the death but the "better" is born. Humans are prone to cheat, That is why we have fair competition laws.
    Kill competition kill improvement

  • It's in our blood. Keeps us going.

    Competition can be applied to many things. Most definitely in the job market but outside of that it can be little things like finding your first girlfriend, Finding friends, Dealing with the annoying boss at work, Etc. And having the preconceived mindset that these people will fuck you over in the near future. So it's always safe to have one foot out the door. You never know when somebody will throw you under the bus.

  • It causes more harm than benefit

    I believe in healthy competition and being the best that you can be. Competing to improve yourself and being content with who you are.But unfortunately, almost no people adapt this type of mindset. Instead, we're always trying to be better than the next guy, but for what purpose? Everyone is unique so why try to be the better than everyone at everything instead of being the best that you are capable of? Everyone has different skills and strengths and areas where they excel in, so there will always be someone better than you; people have to accept this instead of stressing out over being better than others . The " I have to be better than everyone else" mindset just causes problems and creates more harm than benefit. Competition attempts to determine your self worth over what others think of you, which is exactly the type of mindset that is ruining society. We need to learn how to cooperate and accept ourselves instead of constantly trying to outdo each other .

  • Everything could be done together, is it even possible though?

    Well, first in my mind what comes up is that if there was no competition then not they the world would not have great achievements. Achievements are gained when you think of an idea and try to do it before your opposing team does it.

    Firstly, everything could be done without and competition and hate. If we all work together we will get ideas about our next discovery quicker than staying in a minor compact area of employees. If we all work together we could finish our project quicker with more efficiency and not only that we would also be able to understand a problem and share it amongst each other.

    Secondly, however if we don't have competition we would still fight about what wrong and right and sometimes people may even decide to leave to start their own business and this way competition could be created but we could apologize to the person who is against the company and tell them the importance of them and try to fulfil their needs if it is possible.

    Finally, I am on the yes side because after all about staying together if there was no competition all the prices in the store would be the same, in every store you find the prices so high, all the prices would rise up and many disadvantageous things would happen to the consumer. How ever people do became selfish overtime during competition and comparison awakens up and quickly rises to a level where it's unstoppable.

    In conclusion I believe that competition should stay as it has no benefits to the consumer if there was no competition.

    If you read the whole thing then have a good day. IF NOT still have a good day.

  • It is a terrible thing

    And many people still don't know why there are millions of people that commit suicide every year. Some people still wonder why bulling occurs, still wonder why america is wasting billions of dollars on wars, still wonder why there are homeless people in the world. Because I'm better than you i can compete against you and i will win oh, it doesn't matter when you lose because no one cares, it doesn't matter that you have no hope in life because IM SUPERIOR and if i don't stay superior then then people wont respect me and when that happens there is no point in life.

  • No no no

    People are taught that if they beat someone they are then better than them and they have to beat them to know that they are good enough so they rely on other peoples failing for their own self praise. People should be able to know that they are good and what they have done is good and reflects their abilities, not relying on other people to do bad. Also, if you win once, it puts more pressure on people to win again and if they get a reputation for winning it can get stressful and that is unhealthy.

  • no to competition

    Competition is what can damage life. You can fight with friend and pass it to far. Than at a point in time you will live on it. Look for a way at every thing you do. At a point in my life track went from a loving get together of friend now a blood bath as soon as we get to it. That is why competition is bad

  • Competition is bad!!!

    Competition is bad because it puts pressure on the you n than u start to break down emotionally n that's bad so. It's even worse when u have a mean teacher the pushes u down n doesn't believe in u n in only one girl. I know this because I watch many shows that involve competing and the kids who are competing literally break down emotionally. It's just too much stress for a kid. It just is

  • It is BAD

    Competition teaches us that we are better than other people just because we beat them in a game.
    I have a very competitive brother and he gets very upset every time he loses. When we lose a big game, we think we are not good at anything anymore. Competition brings out the bad side in us. You don't want to rely on other people's failure for self praise.

  • Competition ultimately divides and cooperation unites

    I strongly believe that to be in competition with others and to always be one step above others is not healthy for the individual who is competitive nor the other person. I think it is very different when you are competitive only with yourself but generally competitiveness is not something that I would condone, especially when the sole purpose is to outdo another or to be better than someone else. I think what we are lacking today is empathy, and competition can show a lack of understanding and can be harmful to society as a whole.

  • Competition is outdated

    There seems to be this false concept that competition is responsible for all the innovations of mankind. But if you look with a more critical eye you will realise that most great masterpieces and engineering feats were built when there was peace and prosperity. Hardly the situation with the economy nowadays where humanity is in a perpetual dog eats dog mind-frame. With the exception of war machines you would be pressed hard to find a handful of examples of exemplary art, engineering or medical breakthroughs borne by competitiveness. So why this craze about competition and how it's supposedly good for you? True in our society being competitive is almost a given: you need to be competitive in order to survive or achieve anything in life. But what about the society as a whole? Is this good about the far larger numbers of people who are just not the best at their field, or their life circumstances were not that great and they couldn't live up to their potential? Even if a few benefit from this system and even if it is a system based on merit (that's up for debate in itself), does the gain of the few outweigh the wellbeing of so many?

  • Inequity is the root of all evil. Competition creates inequity.

    Inequity or more technically perceived inequity in the root of all evil. If all people had a mindset of balance and equality no matter what the material reality then no one would need to dominate another, take from another, put another below their foot, or be better then another. There is no reason to see yourself as less or more than anyone else. It is our primitive warmongering society that brainwashes us into fighting with eachother, acting out of ego, acting out of perceived limited resources, all under the big lie that it is good for survival and thus society. The truth is war is never good for society, conflict is never good for society. Working together as equals is always what has been good for society. Every tribe, village, and neighborhood flourish only when you have humble members who treat eachother as equals. Competition feeds the lie that you can be better than someone for superficial reasons. Competition winners feed the cultural mental disorder that somehow winners of irrelevant games are better than other people. Their status is unfairly raised to levels of admiration, devotion, and worship that slots be reserved for only the finest contributions to our society. Teachers, Doctors, scientists, philosophers, and other real life world changers should get the honor and accolades of the "winners". The truth about winning is that it is meaningless and empty. A true victory should come with producing something that benefits others not just the self. This doesn't mean all people should be forced into fake equality, stripped away of all things that make them special. The root of all evil is the perceived inequity not the actual inequity. Evil is not that a poor man sells a bagel to a rich man on his way to work. Evil is that rich man snubbing that poor man and looking down on him as if he has less value as a person. Evil is the poor man looking up to the rich man and giving him an unfair amount of envy, seeing himself as essentially less than. This perceived self worth being greater in those who are elitist, and bully others, take from others, is a root of evils like murder, racism, theft, genocide, even usury, and rape. The perceived self worth being lesser in those who are second class citizens, minorities (all races can be local contextual minorities), any second class gender, creates more envy, strife, conflict, and sets people up make self harming decisions, even criminals. The ego is what drives people to take from others, to dominate others. The ego is a selfish petty thing that is trying to balance an imbalanced self image. A deep seeded insecurity is the root of the ego that pushes itself to do all manner of evils. If the self image was balanced, healed, and did not suffer from this perceived inequity it would never have a reason to take from another, to feel less than, to compete.

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