Is competition cheerleading more dangerous than football?

  • Clearly, competition cheerleading is more dangerous than football.

    Football players have protective equipment they wear during a game and cheerleaders wear none. To begin with, in 2011 cheerleading was ranked first in catastrophic injuries. Of all catastrophic injuries in youth sports, 65.2 percent occur in cheerleading. Also, on April 14, during a competition, Lauren Chang was kicked in the chest after performing a basket toss. Sadly, she died because her heart stopped when she was kicked. If a football player was kicked in the same way with all his equipment on, especially the shoulder pads, that cover the sternum, he would not be as injured. As if that example wasn't enough Laura Jackson was 14 years-old when she went to try out for the varsity cheerleading squad. She had learned a back tuck in her private class. She decided to try it in the gym. When she tried to do it, she failed and landed on her head so hard that a piece of her scalp came off. She is now paralyzed from the neck down. If a football player did a back tuck with his gear, he would be fine because of his helmet which is a shield for the head. Obviously, cheerleading is much more dangerous than football.

  • From a Cheerleader Herself

    I've seen less football players get hurt during a game. In cheerleading girls have fainted from all of the running (football player says we run more than his team), broken their body parts while stunting and flipping, and even fallen head-first. I'm scared to know what would happen after a failed basket toss.

    In football, you are tacklinf each other on the ground, with a helmet and gear to lessen the chance of injury.

    In cheerleading, you have no protective gear. You do flips on the ground (land head-first or something) and then you have the even more dangerous things in the air. You do basket tosses, cradles, one legged, and even walking in the air. I saw one girl get dropped so many times from her cradle that she broke her tailbone.

    In competition, the girls have fallen on their heads from high up. Cheerleaders have landed headfirst after flips. They have ended up twisted after jumps. They have collapsed from all of the conditioning.

  • Cheer is way harder than football, obviously!

    Competition cheer is more dangerous than football. It's one of the sports with the highest average and chances of injury. I believe cheer is more dangerous than football. Especially if you're in the middle of a competition and you get hurt, if you're not passed out, you have to keep going. If you break something, you can't just stop in the middle of it, you have to keep going. One wrong move during a stunt, you could fall and break your neck and die in front of everyone. You don't wear protective padding and helmets and stuff in cheer.

    So uhm, football players, get off the cheer field!

  • Yes it is

    Cheer leading is a sport!!! People may think its easy but a 2 min throwing people in the air, tumbling, jumping, and working on the crowd to cheer your name when at any second someone can get hurt since we have no protection what so ever is hard work. I'm part of the St.Catherines Academy squad. Our varsity team is 3rd in the nation. Our team doesn't mess around when it comes to nationals. We work our butts off even before school ends starting with clinics and simple workouts to get us back into shape. But from that it gets harder they start teaching us stunts and we get tumbling practices also we learn so many new things before we even go to summer camp in August. Even though football is tough....They have padding for protection. All cheerleaders have is each other and when we throw each other up in the air we have to make sure our friends are there to catch us when we fall !.

  • Of course it is!!

    I cheerlead and i know what its like!! The one time i did a back handspring and broke my wrist and finger. So we also dont have any padding so when we fall from 15 feet in the air, we have a possible chance of breaking their neck. And by the way no body gets cheerleading.

  • As a cheerleader I know for a fact it is.

    I've played both sports and cheerleading is by far the hardest, not to undermine any other sport but doing the things we do in no protective wear is ruff, today alone I was hurt multiple times leaving with a big bump (goose egg) on my head and a swollen chest just from catching my flyer, if I would have tumbled, I would have left with swollen knees and ankles, in just one days practice. There are more reasons but to go on would take a while

  • Of course it is, duh

    Competitive cheerleading way more dangerous than football. If u want to be successful your body needs to be flexible, if you start out stiff your body has a high chance of getting hurt of injured, In football you have protection, and anybody with football equipment can tackle somebody. As in cheer you are are thrown in the air, or doing flips in a bikini. ( sorry for lack of cheer vocabulary, it would be hard to explain my point if newbs had no idea what it meant ). Think about it, cheerleaders are doing very extreme activities with no protection, and football players are running to the other side of the field with 10 pounds of it. I believe cheer should be taken more seriously than football, cheerleading is a silly competition, but football is a silly game, therefore, cheer is more dangerous than football.

  • Yes it is

    Cheer leading is very dangerous. Boys that play foot ball don't get as badly as cheerleaders. The cheer leaders get deadly concoctions foot ball players break a bone or two and they have 3 times mare protection than cheer leaders we only have a uniform and make up there are so many other reasons why but i cant explain them all

  • Is this is really a question.

    Cheerleading is more dangerous then foot because we throw in the air and if we don't catch them then they can fall on us and broken a bone. If they don't land right snap snap there goes there ankles. In football you guys do get injury but you guys have patting and protection. We don't and we still have smile at the end when you can get hit and make it seen like you just got shot.

  • Obviously, cheer leading is way more dangerous than football.

    In cheer leading, they are getting thrown up in the air. If they fall, they could severely hurt themselves and they could get a concussion, or even get paralyzed. In football, they could also break a few bones, but they aren't getting thrown up in the air. Football is also way easier than cheer leading. In football, all you need to do is tackle people. In cheer leading, every move has to be precise.

  • It's not a sport

    You throw kitchen moms in the air and get hurt.... If you want, play football for a day and get hit by a 6,5 guy and see how it feels, atleast football players are getting hit by other players and not the ground. And seriously I got ham and cheese in the fridge sooo please make me a sandwich

  • Is this even a question?

    I'm girl and I don't think cheerleading is more dangerous. I mean come on you're throwing someone in the air with the support of two other bases. In football people collide with each other and can get life threatening injuries such as concussions, knee ligament tears, and much more. These girls are doing a rountine and I'd like to see one of them try to get run into every down by 200 hundred pound men.

  • Football is a contact

    Football is a berry contact sport.My sister dose competitive cheer it's fun to watch.You do flips taking the chance of landing on your face . Or being a flyer in a stunt and falling.In football your running around tackling and hitting people.You do have pads but you can still feel the pain

  • Not at all....

    Just because you are getting thrown in the air and you twirl around doesn't mean that it is more dangerous than football. Sure if you fall on the ground you can get paralyzed, but if you tilt your head just a little too much on a tackle then you'll get a concussion and/or paralyzed as well (see Kevin Everett or Eric LeGrand). Please, this argument needs to stop.

  • Football has contact

    According to a study shown in 2012 there were 324,000 injuries and it showed cheerleading at the eighth rank. Also, even though injuries do happen in cheerleading it could happen anywhere in any sport. Some sports just have more injuries than others, (football). This proves that football is more dangerous than cheerleading.

  • Football is more brutal

    Football is more brutal .... They wear pads because of how dangerous it is but yes i see how cheerleading is dangerous with all the flips and the twirls and the height and many other things but fofooball is more dangerous then chearleading ...But football is getting less brutal but it still is more dangerous.

  • Football is more dangerous than cheerleading.

    If you ever have played football your job is to hit the person in front of you and make them hurt until they quit. We also lift weights the weakest people on the team are bench pressing more than 250 pounds. If you ever played football you couldn’t last one drive. The basis of the game is to hate your opponent and try to kill them. By the way padding makes it more dangerous, You can hit 5 times harder with pads because you have no fear for your own well being.

  • Big physical players

    Whether there’s equipment or not believe me you’re still gonna feel pain playing football espiecally with the size of some HIGHSCHOOL kids, over the years kids have been getting stronger and faster and overall just bigger in general, now tell me, pads or not do you want to get tackled by a 6’3 230 pound highschooler playing linebacker, probably not, now I’ve done both football and cheerleading on a high school level and I can say that injuries occur in both sports, flyers are thrown well over 10 feet in the air and are forced to before very bodily straining tasking while both stunting during a routine and even tumbling, but the fact still remains football is a contact sport, there are highschool kids in the 9th grade who are already over 6 feet tall and most already weigh over 200 pounds, now cheerleading can be ( and emphasize the word CAN ) because the basis and main idea around cheerleading is to perform a routine and not hurt anyone, in football the basis of the game is hurting people, plain and simple, you are line men get hit on every single play, the ball carrier may or may not get hit every play based on skill and if he can score or run out of bounds, you all sound incredibly biased seeing as none of you seem to understand that just pads and a helmet ain’t gonna really help you when you get trucked by a 6’5 270 pound fullback alright, and also the statistics in this article seem quite far fetched, concussions are literally an occurrence in every sport, even golf has concussions, volley ball has concussions and of course football has many concussions, not only that but cheerleading is not as popular a sport as football is, so hence that, that also means cheerleading has less organizations to put together competitions, blatantly putting it as far more football happens than cheerleading, by far, so how in the fuck is cheer going to tower over 50% of all sports related concussions,to conclude my argument I’m going to make three simple points as to solidify my argument, 1 football is built around contact,2 football players are stronger, faster and bigger than cheerleaders so hence they do far more damage, 3 the fact that you have to compare cheerleading to football in particular instead of any other sport shows that a female dominant sport is trying to live up to a male dominant sport, I’d like to see cheerleaders put on pads and play a full football game and in case you are now thinking “ well I’d like to see a football player do cheerleading “ well I am, I play safety in team toba provincial football as well as safety on my highscool team, in highschool cheerleading I was a base and I specialized in tumbling and single baseing, so from a multi sport athlete I have a better idea than most if not all of you. Good’ay

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