Is competition in education an obstacle to the learning process?

  • Kids dont care

    Kids start to compete with each other with their grades so eventually students wont care about learning they will just ask teachers for good grades, easy tests, and extra credit. Colleges look at grades which forces kids to compete with each other to get into their top school. Learning wont matter to the kids until they get into their dream school

  • It is an obstacle.

    Competition puts students under pressure, which definitely effects their learning process. These days, rather than studying to get literate, they study to top in class. This doesn't serve the purpose of education. All the fellow students, who study along with you, will be seen as your opponents, rather than your friends who come to the school along with you to study, to get educated.

  • Competition in education is not an obstacle to the learning process.

    Competition is an important incentive to improve the learning process. Many people excel under pressure, and they rise to the occasion in cases of competition. Furthermore, education is preparation for real life. Schools must prepare students for the pressures of real life, including competitions. Students who have trouble with competitions should learn to deal with the stress.

  • Competition is Good

    Instead of hindering education, I think competition is the best way to teach kids and prepare them for life's challenges. Competition allows individuals to essentially train each other and themselves by wanting to win. The kids who are the most hardworking and competitive will have strong futures. If a kid gets left behind now, they need to use their present failure to learn and grow, so they can have strong futures as well.

    In life, competition becomes so much more important as you grow into adulthood. You compete with other people to get jobs, and then your company competes with others. Each party will better itself in order to make themselves more successful than the other. I think competition is a good thing for students to learn for success later in life.

  • Competition makes people try harder.

    Do you know what is one of the most theories for why the Chinese people produce into the world so many scientists, not world famous, but important, so many olympic winning sportsmen, actors, singer, doctors. Why asians in schools all around the world are most times in the 75th percentile of the highest achieving students. It is because they know they have try extremely hard to be able to succeed in such densely populated areas. An average asian student scores 17% higher on the LSATs than a student of caucasian, hispanic or african descent. That is why competition makes people try harder to achieve what they need. And by competition I mean fair competition, not pressurizing, biased or aggressive competition, but the kind that requires respect towards your rivals and perhaps teamwork.

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