Is competition overemphasized in the United States?

  • Yes

    You guys are thinking big. Yes that might be good but try thinking smaller. Think about what happens when adults fight in front of little kids because they think that the sport their kid is playing is a competition while their kid just wants to have fun. This happens quite often at a youth sporting events. These adults fight over things that are really petty. Like they think the ref made a bad call and their kid should have been safe or their kid is better than that kid. As a matter of fact some adults yell at their own kid because he should have stopped the ball or she should have done better blocking. They are embarresing themself and their child. At some point in your life you have probably seen some parent or coach curse at someone or hurt someone all because their kid shouldn't have been out. Sports are meant to be fun when your a kid not a competion. You also shouldn't have to worry about what your parent or coach is going to do next to embarress you.

  • Competition is EVERYWHERE!

    There is no escaping the power of competition. If you think about it, competition is just another word for challenge. Everyone needs and has challenges in their lives, even if they don't realize it. Nature knows this. You know peacocks? Well, aren't they just competing for the best feathers to see who will get the best mate? You must also compete in order to survive. You know that thing called natural selection? Well, that says that only the fittest of a population can survive in the harsh conditions of the world.

  • Natural Selection Survival

    Competition fosters innovation, without competition we would have never been to the Moon, or accomplished the wonders the Us has done, of course this "Wonders" range from benevolent to wicked, depending on what you as a person think is right or wrong.

    Competition is needed on Society to make changes to promote the human race. Natural Selection played out at a grand scale

  • No

    Competition is the basis of everything we do. Children have to compete for things from the day that they are born. We need to make sure they are competing for what is right and they will continue to compete for the rest of their life. I compete everyday in my job they will have too also.

  • Two-Party System Proves It

    A free market economy means competition lowers prices for high quality goods and services. In that respect, just a few large conglomerates seem to be doing a lot of business. Just look at AT&T, GE and other such companies. Even in politics, there isn't much competition. A two-party system exists and dominates American politics. Third parties and new parties rarely do well because of the way the electoral system works with primaries.

  • No

    Competition is life and we need to learn that being competitive will always need to be something that kids learn. When you go to get a job you have to compete to get that job. When you get grades in high school you have to compete for those grades. Competition is every where.

  • No, it's not emphasized enough.

    Competition is a simple fact of nature: all living things compete with each other for limited water, food, land, and other resources. By not emphasizing this we do our children a disservice: the idea that 'we should all get along' is very pretty but it's generally not the way things are, and children reared on this philosophy are likely to experience a rude awakening as adults.

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