• Yes, competitive cheerleading is a sport!

    Many people bully me about cheerleading being a sport. Which is not true. Cheer is a sport because we have to lift about an 155 pound girl and split it between 3, then hold them and move them to do whatever a coach asks; for example a full up or down(look it up on utube) a tick tock 5 times in a row, amazing stunts that are super creative in many ways. We have to tumble after working very hard on the mat like a full, layout, whip anything and cannot let your team down. Another thing is you have to jump till you can't breathe anymore! You don't have time for any other sport, but trust me it's worth it.

  • Coming from a Cheerleader myself

    I believe cheerleading is a sport.

    In the beginning of every cheer season is something called conditioning. The girls run miles, do many push-ups and sit-ups. There are other physically demanding activities we do such as the inch-worm.

    Every practice starts with a warm-up. We run two miles, do 50 push-ups, and 50 sit-ups. We stretch also.

    When cheering, if you do something incorrectly, you have to run another three miles. I always get sore.

    We have to be flexible to acheove such beautiful jumps and flips. We stretch like crazy, pushing ourselves to the breaking point.

    We throw girls up into the air, we do one legged stunts, we walk with girls in the air. You need a lot of muscle to hold a girl up.

    We get scored and compete. In 2 1/2 minutes, cheerleaders need to jump, do flips and splits, stunt, and do hard dance moves quickly, while speaking and keeping a smile on their face. It is really difficult.

    If that doesn't scream sport, I do not know what does.

  • Yes it is

    Cheerleaders compete and get scored, that is what makes it a sport. It is very physically demanding and requires a higher level of fitness, strength, daring and fallibility than the vast majority of sports.

    IT is much more then just sitting on the side lines. That my reasoning about competitive cheerleading

  • Cheer is a sport!

    Two, four, six, eight! Who do we not allocate? Cheerleaders! Rah Rah!
    Cheering is a sport, those girls are gymnasts and dancers with no tumble track or mats. They have to yell and smile and look pretty while risking injuries. They have to compete, they are scored on performance like boxing and other sports. Just because we dont throw a ball doesnt mean what we do isn't a sport! NEW FLASH- WE THROW GIRLS!!!!!

  • Cheer is a Sport!

    Actually cheerleading has half of the catastrophic injuries. Doctors want to make cheerleading a sport because of the very high risk. Random people can not just stand up and do a back tuck. Even if you try you wouldn't be able to. For wrestling you do get a break so u suggest you look into that. Cheerleaders have just as much endurance than runners. Try fitting in jumps,stunts 3 times, tumbling at least 5 times in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. If you think cheerleading isn't a sport look about California Allstars Smoed then answer. If you don't your opinion is irrelevant.

  • Cheer is a sport!!!!!

    I know that we cheerleaders have to put on a uniform and where make up but you have to where a uniform in every sport.Cheer is a sport because we get hurt allot more than most other sports and we work just as hard if not harder you should try staying really tight so you don't fall on your head while being 20-30 feet in the air its definitely harder that having to tackle someone.

  • Yes competitive cheer is a sport...

    When you do cheer, you use your muscles and facials and dance moves to show off to the judges, and you all out there that think cheer is not a sport I want to strangle you. And cheerleaders who are reading this, don't you get really sore after conditioning, stunting, tumbling? But I think that the people who think cheer is not a sport you should try a cheer practice because you do this athletic filled 2:30 routine and after that you feel like your going to die. The people who think that cheer is not a sport, you go try and pull this off because cheer is a big deal. You can die from it. So the people who think that cheer is not a sport you try and throw somebody 20ft in the air!!! You want some ice for that BURN!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOO! 😌😌😌😌😌😌

  • I Think Yes.

    Competitive cheer is a sport. Why would I say that? Because when you google the definition of the word sport, an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment is what comes up. Because of cheer, I have spent 14 and a half hours at school before. We have to work for the win. We have to put our everything into it. You really do have to be physically fit to be in cheerleading, we are constantly conditioning, and you may say that because we are girls we just think it is hard, but we have had football players attempt our warm ups and our condition with us, and they said it was hard. They said our Warm ups are hard, imagine what they would say if they actually went to go do what we do on the mats while still making it look pretty. You have to be able to make quick decisions (if your flyer were to fall), just like a quarter back would have to to get rid of the ball, you have to be strong, or you are going to fail. You have to be tight or you get deducted points. All of this while smiling, and shouting your heart out. You have to look pretty, confident, and happy. YOu have to be constantly working on your skills and your flexibility and your strength to be good enough for your next practice. My sister plays volleyball, and she is always practicing, and volleyball is a sport. My friends are always shooting hoops for basketball, and that is a sport, so if somebody is always working on their skills for cheer, why can't it be a sport too? I believe people are just used to thinking of cheerleading as sideline for football games, or what they see in movies, but it isn't really like that, it doesn't have to be the popular kids. Heck, all of the popular girls in my school quit because it was to hard, it was something you actually had to work for. We do have to bend our bodies in ways that most people can only dream of, we work ourselves the hardest we can plus some. We spend day after day after day drilling what we are supposed to into our heads all for the couple minutes we get on the mat, and it is completely worth it. Every other sport gets happy when they win, my sport does too. My sport is competitive cheerleading, and I love it.

  • Cheerleading is a sport under the actual definition of a sport

    Ok yeah so im writing a research paper about how cheer is sport and im not trying to say that sideline cheer is a sport or anything, but when a cheer team competes, it's participating in a sport. And i looked up the definition of a sport and cheer falls under all of the requirements

  • Of course it is

    I have been competitive cheerleading for 6 years now and I couldnt picture myself doing anything else. You fit tumbling, jumping, stunting, a pyramid and much more into a routine that only lasts 2 minutes and 30 seconds, I hate when people say it is not a sport because I know that it is, and half the people that say that it is not a sport could not even do a fraction of the routine.

  • Comp is not

    So what you are saying is that you expect your names to be right beside some of the best known names in sports such as Muhammad Ali and Peyton Manning? Also throwing girls is actually easy I can pick up a girl that is "cheerleader" skinny(which is under 100 pounds) and throw them quite far actually.

  • In my personal opinion, CHEERLEADING IS NOT A SPORT.

    Cheerleading is not a sport because it is impossible to tell who is the true victor. It is not a true test of who is better, just the judges opinion. At most sporting events (real sports) all they do is dance around slowly waving pom-poms and singing! And sure, you guys might sprain an ankle once in a while, but we football players witness broken legs, arms, and even necks every week. And I would like to see you try any other sport like hockey or football. You would be crying and out of breath in minutes. Go into a football team, do what we do. You get tackled, and you are down for ten minutes, almost as bad as soccer players! Plus, absolutely no one watches cheerleaders! Cheerleaders waste their lives on a fake sport!!! That is why cheer leading is not a sport. If it was, it would be the worst sport in the history of the earth!

  • Cheerleading is NOT A SPORT

    Cheerleading is not a sport. I don't care whether it's competition or just sideline cheer. Cheer is NOT a sport. A sport would be it would have to have a ball. Yes I know snowboarding and running doesn't have a ball but THEY ARE SPORTS!! Running is a sport because you don't get a break while running same with snowboarding. People cans at cheer is a sport because they can lift people up and throw them in the air but they also have to put makeup and get all dressed up for competitions.

  • Cheer is a sport

    I am a competitive cheerleader. We lift girls that are sometimes heavier then ya, But we do what we are told by our coaches, And YES we have COACHES because cheer is a sport. Yes, We do have to wear makeup, But when you get on that competition mat, Nothing matters besides winning and having fun. And no, Cheerleading does not have a ball, But neither does dance, Gymnastics, Snow boarding or running, But these are all still sports right? So tell me why cheerleading wouldn’t be a sport, Because there is nothing anyone can say that wouldn’t make it a sport. It meets all of the qualifications of the definition of a sport. We compete, We get scored and judged, We are on a team, And we all work VERRYYYY hard! And in cheerleading, Since when do you get a break? In my routine, I am constantly either tumbling, Lifting someone, Or doing motions. No breaks. But in other sports, What do you do when you are not in the game at that point? Ohh yeahhh! YOU SIT THERE AND DO NOTHING! Competitive cheerleading is a sport.

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Aidanush says2013-09-12T17:45:10.740
In my opinion, there must not be any doubts that a competitive cheerleading is a sport. Definitely it is! Cheerleaders spend as much time as any other athletes in different fields of sport. As they work in a group, everybody depends on each other because a single mistake can lead to serious injuries. It is a kind of sport which requires a lot of trainings, practices and of course, carefulness. People may judge from the faces of cheerleaders that it is the piece of cake as they are smiling all the time especially at the performances. Sometimes we forgot how they achieve such results. They succeed only by training nonstop, dedicating all the time and energy. Cheerleaders work as hard as any sportsmen. We should not forget that they get over lots of obstacles and difficulties to achieve the perfect result. We will be mistaken if we think that it is just entertainment rather than a sport.