• Dancing competitively is a sport.

    If NASCAR is a sport, competitive dancing is a sport also. Dancing involves a tremendous amount of skill and physical activity. A person has to have years of training to be a good dance competitor. Dancing is a wonderful exercise. The competition with a winner and a loser also categorizes it as a sport.

  • Yep, it is!

    Dance takes more skill then any other sport. It is a sport and I don't understand how anyone would think that it wasn't a sport. It is a sport and there is no doubt about it. Any examples why you think that it is not you can comment down below. So, it is a sport.

  • Of course its a sport!

    Are you kidding? First off, Ice skating is a sport, as shown by the Olympics and is similar to dancing, but on skates. You are jumping, running, and all around being athletic. Ice skating does NOT need to be competitive, and neither does dance. Football, a point that i see LOTS of people saying, IS NOT IN THE OLYMPICS! I am NOT a dancer, but is obvious its a sport.

  • Yes it is.

    Dance is a sport by all means. It requires a vigorous work ethic to be able to learn and do some of the moves that dancers do. Not to mention the training some of them have to go through to be able to flip, dance on toes, and twirl around like it is nothing. It is crazy, definitely a sport.

  • Competitive Dance is a Sport

    Dance definitely is a sport as it full fills the dictionary definition of sport. The definition being "an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature," proves that dance is a sport. The confusion of the sport vs not battle lies with the definition of a fine art, "a visual art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic purposes and judged for its beauty and meaningfulness," as dance could also be easily filtered into that category. Another reason for why people may get confused is because most of us dancers just say, "well it's challenging, why don't you try it?" when really any art can be physically/mentally challenging. Going back to the definition of a sport, I would like to go through the entire definition and relate dance to it. "An athletic activity" dance requires athletes to participate and you must be prepared to give tremendous amounts of energy and hard work to become a dancer. A sport is something, "requiring skill or physical prowess," the footwork involved in some forms of dance requires many years of training and rarely ever can someone pick up the steps at the drop of a hat. Also the height at which dancers reach is not something that is naturally given to you, you have to work for that skill and practice almost everyday to obtain the height and air time. A sport must have, "often a competitive nature," there are many competitions that occur during the dance year, for example if you look on a competition website there is almost always a competition every single weekend. Also there are many levels of competitions such as an regionals, Nationals, and Worlds (kind of like the Olympics of dance). That brings me to my next point of the Olympics. The Olympic Games is a competition held for high-level sports achievers. The only reason why dance is not in the Olympics is because of the subjective scoring, meaning we are being judged rather than timed or scored. I do understand the points of the people that disagree, but from experience in dance I strongly believe that it is a sport. Also regarding the Olympics, not every sport is included in the Games such as football, rugby, or surfing.

  • Dance is not a sport

    Excessive dance is not a sport. Sports are considered to be played by two opponents, while dance is considered a form of art. Even though both of these have competition involved, dance is performance. I mean the world has played sport the whole time while dancing is just becoming famouse.

  • Dance is not a sport.

    Dance is not a sport because you can do dance without it being competitive, as the competition is secondary. However, if I were to go out and play a match of soccer, what would the point be if we were not competing? Dance should be considered as an art and not a sport because the competitive nature is not necessary.

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