Is comprehensive sex education better than abstinence-only programs?

  • Students are having sex and they need guidance

    Yes, I believe that sex education is more appropriate in this day and age. While I do believe that abstinence should be a part of the education it should not be the only part of the education. We all know that some students are having sex and they need to understand the ramifications that come along with being sexually active.

  • Abstinence only is not even education.

    "Abstenence only" education infuriates me, it is not even a type of education. It is willful ignorance in the hopes that nothing bad happens to the young people involved. Comprehensive sexual education is the only way to teach younger people about sex, the negatives, and how to be safe during.

  • Comprehensive sex education is better than abstinence only programs.

    Comprehensive sex education is better than abstinence- only programs.Teenagers will inevitably participate in sex in some form or fashion and it would be better if they realize how to protect themselves.Those that support the abstinence only philosophy are just kidding themselves when it comes to the regular behavior of teenagers.

  • Yes always better to be educated

    Teenagers are going to do what they are going to do no matter what. You can try to teach abstinence but in the end many will give into hormones. Since sex will happen any way it will be much better to get education out there so people can make the proper decisions in their lives.

  • Comprehensive sex education is better than abstinence-only programs

    Comprehensive sex education is better than abstinence-only programs. This is because of the fact that with abstinence-only programs the portion of the educated members who will have sex anyway are left in the dark about the rest of the information about sex. People should know more in depth information about sex.

  • Comprehensive sex education is better than abstinence-only programs.

    These days, the media is full of information about sex. If kids do not learn about sex from trained professionals, they will learn incorrect information from movies or the Internet. Without proper education, they could be at risk of unwanted pregnancies or contracting sexually transmitted infections. It's important to give adolescents the truth about their health.

  • Yes, all types need to be taught

    Only teaching kids abstinence will not leave them informed in the real world. We would all love to think our kids will not encounter a situation where they would choose sex over abstinence but the truth is it happens all the time. By teaching comprehensive sex education and abstinence both we are ensuring our kids are ready and prepared for whatever may head their way.

    Posted by: jus
  • Sex Education Is a Superior Choice to Abstinence-Only programs

    Our society has become extremely desensitized to sex. Children are engaging in sexual acts at a younger age then ever. It is very important that they are educated on the decisions that they will inevitably make. Abstinence is not going to sway the nature of young adults, but education can certainly prevent them from making mistakes.

  • it is 100% better

    Abstinence programs of sex education do not work whatsoever. When you tell teens not to do something, even though they want to, they will do it anyways. But when you put the power in their hands, they tend to not be so earnest about doing it, and think more wisely about it. Suppression of sexual feelings is not good.

  • Abstinence is unrealistic

    It's important to teach a comprehensive sex education curriculum. It's completely unrealistic that every student is going to wait until marriage to have sex. Even after people get married, they may still want to engage in sex that isn't solely about procreation. By failing to educate students about what they should do if they are sexually active, we create a generation engaging in risky and dangerous sexual behavior.

  • Without sex the human race would evaporate.

    Abstinence causes restraint on natural human behavior, restraint which would cause rape crime increase. It is better to learn why we do the things we do and how humans reproduce. Remember, wise men make more opportunities than they wait for, and teaching kids abstinence only shelters them and ignores the problem.

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