• Yes to de-escalate

    Yes to de-escalate a bad issue into a rather peaceful calm interaction is very helpful. If more people knew how to do this than there wouldn't be so many killings. But we as people don't think we just flare off and scream and yell and let our emotions get involved and end up killing the people we have a beef with.

  • Conflict resolution is one of the most valuable skills we can have.

    Today's world seems like it's just one conflict after another in all walks of life. We have conflict between countries over their borders, conflict in our schools, conflict in our work environment, and last but not least, conflict among our children. I think anyone who is skilled at conflict resolution, at any level, has a remarkably valuable skill because they can keep a conflict from becoming a crisis.

  • Yes, conflict resolution is a valuable skill.

    I definitely think that conflict resolution is a valuable skill for people to learn. There are a lot of instances in people's lives that they will face a situation where they might need to settle an issue or problem between people. I think if somebody is good at resolving conflicts, it is valuable.

  • It keeps the peace.

    Yes, conflict resolution is a valuable skill, because it is something that will help no what a person wants to do. If a person is a bartender, conflict resolution is a good thing to know. Likewise, if a person is a lawyer, it will be helpful if they know how to resolve conflicts.

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