• Yes, Congress is appropriately responsive to consumer issues regarding the environment.

    I definitely think that Congress is appropriately responsive when it comes to consumer issues regarding the environment. I think that they take all the necessary steps and actions that are needed when such issue arise from certain cases. I do not think there needs to be a more proactive approach.

  • Not even remotely.

    Republican obstructionism in the Senate, combine with partisan wish-list legislation in the House, make certain that Congress does nothing to respond to the nation's economic situation at all. What's needed are programs and policies that increase the spending power of consumers -- especially those on the bottom rungs of the economic ladder. People who need money are guaranteed to spend money. The Republican Party's policies are the exact opposite. They seek to get money to people who don't need it and probably won't spend it, at the expense of those who would do the most economic good.

  • No, I thnk Congress has their own agenda.

    I think Congress is completely unresponsive to consumer issues regarding economic matters. They are so insulated and removed from the world at our level that they no longer view it as important. The Congressman's world consists of political posturing, catering to special interest groups, and maintaining their own importance in the world of politics and the media. They truly do not believe or understand our issues.

  • Not their problem.

    No, Congress is not appropriately responsive to consumer issues regarding economic matters, because they do not care about our suffering. Those who run the government cannot fathom what it is like to be middle class. They do not care about the debt ceiling or about rising inflation. They only care about lining their own pockets.

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