• The 3 branches

    In peacetime the executive office 1. ( The Presidency ), the legal body 2. ( The house of representatives and there collegues set out to create union between the states, ( the Senate ) together with te nations Judicial office 3. The Supreme Court were all meant to balance each other in peace time. Today a member of the house of represetatives who conduct a journalistic investigation into somerhing like the background or legal basis of a whistleblower's actions may face charges with anti national collaboration and will be scrutinized by intititions like nsa whom should in effect be subordinated to the congress itself. All of this has been abled due to the wartime retoric. America is technically not in peacetime and hasent been for a long time , thus crippleing the other two braches. No balance on the horizon.

  • Congress has grown weaker, because the Executive branch has grown stronger.

    It is not to say that Congress has directly grown less powerful, but the executive branch is not as accountable to congress any more.

    It is very very obvious that the Congress was meant to far surpass the president in power. For example, while the president is Commander and chief of the United States, Congress jointly can arm, discipline, and organize the army and navy, and even raise an army for two years. It is clear that these powers were vested to ensure that congress still had the most control.

    Obama declared to congress that they had to act more quickly on the issue of immigration (Amnesty), or he is going take matters into his own hands. This means that in spite of the decisions of congress, Obama is going to ignore them unless they please him. In a functioning republic, the Congress passes the laws and the President signs them; not, the president writes the laws and then signs his own laws.

    Obama declared war on Libya...Without the approval of congress, which was widely criticised.

    So, it is the power of the other branches of government that actually change how strong or weak each branch is. Checks and balances do not seem to quite be doing their job at this time, if the president is able to smoothly bypass Congress whenever he wants. Ever since world war 2, executive orders have been misused in the name of the countries best interests.

    If one branch is too strong, the other branches are too weak.

  • First Branch of Gov

    Not a historian I see congress in a way is where the other two branches came from. That the members of congress do not see the history their part of our government has. See that they are truly equal.

    Some of our problems come from congress giving its power and responsibilities away to the other two. When problems a addressed and worked on in congress it comes out more palatable.

    Like I should have said I am a high school educated blue collar redneck.

  • No, it is not weak.

    The congress has a strong majority of Democrats. They have passed many laws such as Obamacare. They have done much work. I could understand that congress could be weak if the votes were split. They have almost as much power as the president. They are more powerful than the house because the house is Republican.

  • No, Congress is not weak in any way.

    In my opinion Congress is not weak. It is Congressmen and Senators that are weak and even timid one might say. The House and the Senate are very strong when united. But when divided it appears to have no strength or stability. The people who represent us that are the cause and not the institution.

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