• Yes, Conor McGregor has charisma.

    Yes, Conor McGregor has the potential to be a star in UFC. McGregor is very vocal and honest, qualities that are well-received in the fighting industry. McGregor also has a notable look and accent, proudly displaying his Irish heritage in the ring and in interviews; this uniqueness contributes to his potential stardom.

  • Yes, Conor McGregor is the Next UFC Star

    Conor McGregor's talents in the ring, coupled with this marketability will definitely take him to stardom within the ranks of the UFC. He is already rising quite rapidly in a competitive field, and he has the advantages of being good looking and a good fighter. In addition, his rags-to-riches story sits very well with the public.

  • Conor McGregor, the next UFC superstar!

    Yes, I think Conor McGregor is the next star of UFC. Being Irish, it is as if the fighter has fighting in his blood. The Irish have a history of being very good fighters, usually with just their fists, which is exactly what McGregor's specialty is. I have yet to see one of his fights, but as UFC fan, I plan to keep a close eye on him.

  • HE seems to already be the next star.

    He has what fans like, a charismatic personality. I think fans understand UFC is a sport and is for entertainment. Conor McGregor understands this and does a great job with his outlandish statements and taunts. He has the potential to become a huge star if he continues to come through on his predictions.

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