Is Conrad Murray guilty for the murder of Michael Jackson?

  • He's very Guilty and he lies to get out of it!!!

    Michael Jackson was vulnerable having no REM sleep for at least 8 months. He trusted Murray and Murray abused his Doctor-Patient rights. He should have helped Michael and done the proper procedures. He also waited way too long to call 911 as well as CPR and when he did it was far too late. He tried also to do the CPR on a bed! Like no your chest isn't receiving any pressure to pump the heart. He should have done better to help Michael and he lies on his story assuming MJ killed himself. You can't awake after using Propofol and if you could you're not in a concious mobile thinking state. Murray is guilty he lies and he also tried to hide any evidence of wrong doing.

  • Yes, Conrad Murray is guilty

    Conrad Murray is guilty of manslaughter when it comes to the death of Michael Jackson. He knew full well what he was doing and what the consequences could be, but he kept going ahead and feeding Michael Jackson more and more drugs. When the time came to revive Michael, Conrad Murray didn't put in much effort. He was responsible.

  • Convicted of Manslaughter

    Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of manslaughter in the case of Michael Jackson's death, so he is guilty for killing the late pop star. Regardless of anyone's feelings on Jackson, his death is another tragic reminder of the extreme pressure stars put on themselves to be at the top of their games.

  • Guilty, but not murder

    I feel that anytime these rich people have private doctors and pay them thousands of dollars a month, the doctors will continue to give them anything they want. I do not believe Dr. Murray is guilty of Murder. I do feel he is guilty of Manslaughter. He should of known better. He gave the drug just so he could continue getting thousands of dollars a month.

  • No, Conrad Murray isn't guilty for the murder of Michael Jackson.

    No, I don't believe that Conrad Murray is guilty for the murder of Michael Jackson. He was tried for manslaughter and received a conviction, but the media had a huge role in the proceedings. Because of all the news about Michael Jackson's death as a result of overdose, many of his fans were outraged and looked to place blame. Since Conrad Murray did give Michael Jackson the Propofol which killed him, he did cause his death, but this was not murder, it was negligence.

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