• He is Innocent!

    Yes because Dr. Murray simply made a mistake but overall he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Dr. Murray doesn't deserve to be judged for a mistake because we all make them daily but aren't judged for them. Take a second and ask yourself if youre perfect.

  • Do you think he should be out of jail?

    I think he is not the one to be blamed because he did not harm Michael Jackson. I believe he should be out of jail because he is not the one who did not hurt Michael Jackson.

    I know for the fact that Conrad Muuray did his best to help Michael Jackson. I know all doctors in LA hospital they want Michael Jackson dead and kept him addict.

  • Michael was a drug addict

    Michael was a drug addict and clear dependant on several drugs from different doctors. Who is to say when Conrad was not present Michael administered Demerol himself. This is my thoughts on the matter, poor Conrad was doing what he was asked of, unknown what other substances michael was taking.

  • Typical Media/ Famous person / high profile person cover up

    Famous people are no longer allowed to die on their own terms, if it is not a natural death then there has to be someone to blame and in this case Conrad Murray got the blame. Michael was a sick man (As in ill sick not mind sick) all of his life, which started with his childhood and I believe he was never really happy which is why he ended up in such a state at the end. For example Murray claims Michael begged for drugs and I believe him, if he was unhappy as his siblings claimed, as Lisa Marie Presley claimed, as many people have claimed then he would've always been on drugs or close to it.
    I believe that in order to make it look like Michael didn't want to die (Which unfortunately I believe he did, he wanted an ending, a closure, a way out) they blamed Murray so the world would have someone to blame. Some people see suicide as cowardly and as the King Of Pop he surely couldn't go out as a coward! (Please note my sarcasm).
    I am disappointed that people in the human race can be so quick to judge, but I guess that's just the way things go.

  • No, not innocent.

    No, I do not think that Conrad Murray is innocent. I don't think that he necessarily meant any harm to anyone, but it seems as though he was very negligent, which does not equal innocence. I think that there may even be more to the story than the public is aware of.

  • He authorized the fatal dose.

    No, I do not believe Conrad Murray is innocent. Ultimately, he is the one who authorized the last fatal dose of the drug that killed Michael Jackson. Additionally, he was treating Michael Jackson at his home for things he absolutely should have been doing in a hospital. He is absolutely guilty of negligence.

  • He is not

    This man is not someone who I would ever say is innocent. He has committed crimes and has been found guilty in a court of law. In that regard that is enough for me to say that he is not innocent of anything. He is a bad man who killed a good man.

  • No Conrad Murray is not innocent.

    No, I do not think that Conrad Murray is innocent, and that he instead played a key role in how Michael Jackson unfortunately and tragically died. I believe that Conrad Murray gave Michael Jackson too much of a drug which then contributed sufficiently to Michael Jackson passing away at such a younger age.

  • It's tricky, Y'know?

    I think if Conrad was actually a "doctor" He would have known not to mix all of those drugs together. Even if he says he went to the restroom and came back to find Michael dead - I'm sorry. . . Don't buy that story. We all know how slurred Mike's speech was on the way to the hospital. . . I don't think MJ would have even been able to pick up the propofol. . Much less inject it into his veins.

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