• Co=E, Undoubtably true.

    I have been working on the problem of consciousness since I was twelve. Consciousness is energy. The firing of neurons itself cause consciousness. Making the moment of now, Your neurons firing in structures because of the sensory input entering your senses.

    Energy entering your mind get structured, Every moment aliterating, Every thought reexperiencing making new connections.

    Right now, Your consciousness is indeed not as bright as the sun, It is however a complex structure that has been build up by the accumuli of all energy your senses picked up off the past. Making it extremely significant. We are beautifull.

    Anyhow, I just started sharing my philosophical sciences on https://www. Minds. Com/matnisstrovia

    I started working on this project when I was 12, Now im 24. It is alot, Lol.
    Anyhow, The normal "University" way of sharing doesnt really suit me, So i am going to have a crack at doing it this way :).

    Come follow me, Or join my discord channel for discussion:
    https://www. Minds. Com/matnisstrovia
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  • Is consciousness the energy of the universe.

    Consciousness, much like any energy form, IS the energy of the universe undoubtedly. All living entities, humans, animals, even trees, plants, rocks have consciousness flowing through them. The fact that we use this energy on a personal level does nothing to lessen it's depth in the universe. We are all connected, and if you are not using your consciousness on a cosmic level does not lessen the power of the universe. If you are only using consciousness for personal gain, YOU are only thinking of yourself as a separate entity, and that just isn't so. We are all connected with this consciousness although most humans, are not aware of this because humans are too locked into their personal materialistic world. Stop polluting your mind and body with what is located on this earth - hatred, racism, drugs, alcohol, the consuming of animals and understand that YOU are only borrowing this energy and when YOU die, this energy will move on with you and what you have learned on this planet if you are worthy, but without you if you are not.

  • Consciousness Energizes the Universe

    Without considering science, consciousness is indeed what energizes the universe. A person who is conscious of themselves and their actions can impact the world in invaluable ways. Therefore, consciousness is the key to improving the world and figuring out the mysteries on earth and elsewhere in the universe and life.

  • Not at all.

    We humans are just a detail in the cosmos. We don't even exist compared to a cosmic scale. The enrgy of the Universe is things like the Sun, which produces tons of energy every second. It is the trillions of stars out there. Energy is in the black holes and galaxy. We don't even exist, basically

  • Consciousness is Not the Energy of the Universe

    No, Consciousness is not the energy of the Universe. The energy of the Universe is simply called energy. Consciousness is the state of being aware of one's surroundings, and this has absolutely nothing to do with the Scientific concept of energy. To be blunt, this is not a very well thought out question.

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