• A soul without consciousness is meaningless.

    When the body dies, What is left? The soul. But if the soul is not identical with the mind, Then of what value is it? Who we are as individuals is not our bodies, But is our sense of self, Being sentient. And that is identical to consciousness. The people who are saying that the soul is in the heart don't know what they are talking about. The heart is something material, A muscle in the human body. The soul doesn't "reside" in any particular body part.

  • Yes! Conciousness is the soul.

    So according to oxford, Consciousness is being aware of your surrounding and responding to it. When we are alive, We are conscious but when we are not responsive, We are said to be unconscious. It is common belief that when we die our soul leaves our body. Our soul comprises of the mental abilities of a person, Consciousness being one of them.

  • Im not sure what this part is

    I have some research on that astral plane/realm so I am 100% sure that are conciousness is actualy just the soul also bc i see that your physical body is what dies but are soul is immortal there for we are also immortal if im correct enngng eighh engnig ejgi

  • Where else? The soul is the answer.

    Despite conventional wisdom, Increasingly it looks like the brain does NOT create consciousness. This poses a major problem for materialists - because if the brain does not create it, Then it is increasingly looking like soul is consciousness. That is why the soul does exist, And why i voted yes.

  • Consciosness is soul

    Woul like to express it in a very simle way. At the time of conception some departed soul enters the mother;s womb and new life starts. We call that life soul or consciosness, depending our belief systems. After birth body , mind starts growing. Here consciousness plays double role, those who want to achieve at materialistic level they start expanding their consciosness out wordly, and a selected few prefer expansion inwardly. After many years of birth decay of the body starts , and charging of the mind with cosmic energy deteriorates on cognitive plane. At one stage mind stops receiving cosmic energy and body dies. In other words body remains alive so far it has a capacity to receive cosmic energy to remain conscious. Hence we can safely conclude that soul is the name given to consciousness which functions purely on cosmic energy.

    Posted by: lkm
  • Consciousness cannot be reduced to a 'bodily function' or chemical

    Consciousness cannot be reduced to simply bodily functions. I can love someone with all my heart, but I might leave them because I know that if I stay I will cause them more harm than good. This 'knowing' is my ability to override my 'body's chemical' or hormone that induces love, and if this can be achieved, then it cannot be the bodily function that overrides itself. There has to be another element that allows me to do this, and that is my 'knowing', 'being', or simply, my consciousness.

  • To know thy self is to know thy soul.

    If consciousness is not the soul, what is?
    I believe it is simple, throughout all of time all of man has had only two paths to choose from - Walk AWAY from ones self or walk TOWARDS oneself. Which begs the question what is ones self and what exactly is walking towards this 'self'?. To walk away is to utilize our animal like instincts s of survival - pleasure, violence, power- what ever it takes to not face our pain. On the other hand - overcoming those tendencies means to apply self awareness to realize what we are doing and the direction we are going and turn the ship around. - This is in my opinion is a clear example of our soul overcoming our ego or animalistic self. Consciousness and self-awareness are the power of our soul - the more we have the truer and more fulfilling our life will be.

  • Definitely the soul/consciousness is eternal

    At death only the physical body ceases to exist but the consciousness or soul/spirit remains. Our brains do not produce consciousness, it is just a receptor for it, and consciousness exist completely independent from the brain which is only the medium for the consciousness to manifest at a physical level.

  • Yes consciousness is the soul

    See orch or
    If true, consciousness exist thought the universe on a quantum level & we tune into it via micro tubules in the brain. Existence at the quantum level makes any notion of consciousness mortality trivial, the quantum information is preserved, as far as we know quantum info even survives black holes....

  • The space between

    This is a consciousness extending a means to communicate to another consciousness(s) while adhering to its physical and non-physical condition. It is evident to me that the body and soul are polar manners of existence that at some juncture has to have a point or platform of interaction, thus a nexus such as consciousness is manifested. You could further make the distinction of brain and mind as one tends to the collection of data and the other utilizes of that data, every self is a collection of data reviewed,recycled retooled for the self to utilize. The very nature of the soul is non-material, devoid of physical (collective). The soul initiates utilization, what is utilized depends on the impact of the data when received through the senses. By physical terms the soul can only be observed as an afterlife aware the term is misleading. The physical is finite bond to eventually dematerialize, therefore the memories(data) dies but the impact the data makes on the soul perpetuates indefinitely. Consciousness is the point of contact between the finite and the infinite.

  • Conscience and Soul are distinct but inter dependent

    Conscience is associated with the brain and soul is associated with the heart and very specifically the heartbeat. I would go further and clinically attach the soul to the muscular twitch that beats the heart. The soul is controlled by your conscience, While reciprocally the soul/heartbeat is what sustains your conscience/brain. A simple example will explain this interaction. When you sense fear(a brain reaction) your heartbeat goes up. When you sense anger again heartbeat goes up. When you are happy and content then heartbeat goes down to normal. So the two physically identifiable distinct organs ind the human body, Namely the brain and the heart muscle are associated with conscience and the soul. Your conscience is continuosly triggering your heart muscle and beating it at different rates based on your consciousness level and what we call your mood. So that is my simple explanation for distinction between soul and consciousness. When you physically transplant a heart from one being to another you are doing soul transfer. A pig's heart can function in a human body and interact with the human brain. Is that an elevation of the soul and its interaction with a higher level of consciousness? In a similar fashion when you elevate you conciousness to a higher level say into the philosophy of God then the soul is also elevated to that level. Your heart beats in synchrony with Godly consciousness.

  • Struggling to Understand the Non-understandable

    I guess I look at it this way. The conservation of energy and mass laws specify that energy can never be created or destroyed. However, I believe in a heaven and a hell. If my consciousness is my soul, Then it would need to be able to travel to heaven or hell. However, Since we can't physically travel to heaven or hell, How can my energy go there? So, If the soul is different, Then it can be composed of inter-dimensional substance whose travel to and from heaven or hell and this reality would not violate the laws of conservation. It may also help to explain disembodied spirits that seem to linger after they've gone.

  • Religious or spiritual or neither?

    I said no to the question only because I think this is a religious type topic which is always a touchy subject to people. Consciousness is an actual word of an action our bodies preform. When you are Conscious your body is in a state of awareness. Your soul on the other hand is what most religious people think is ones life source. The one thing that keeps us alive whether that is in a conscious or unconscious body state. So the two in a spiritual cannot be one in the same.

  • Chemical signals control our bodies, we do we not think they control our minds?

    Consciousness is nothing more than a complex set of chemical signals in our brains. Our thoughts about a god are chemical signals. Our minds created and sustain a belief in a higher power because of our of death. That is a chemical signal. We created God. How is this disputable?

  • Two Unique Cogs of a Self Aware Universe

    Consciousness and subconsciousness are bodily functions of the brain keeping the physical body connected to the physical world. And when the body dies, that connection of one's former body-self to the physical world dissolves.

    The soul is the connection of one's consciousness/subconsciousness to the non physical world [universe] When consciousness/subconsciousness dissolves with bodily death, the soul's connection with the physical world dissolves too. Once the link between consciousness/subconsciousness and the soul is dissolved, the soul returns to the non-physical world/universe.



    1) Current astrophysics theory estimates that the visible [physical] universe contains just >5% of the mass of the universe while dark energy and dark matter [so far, non-physical] is >95% of the universe's mass.

    2) Sir Roger Penrose, among other significant theorists, proposes that there is a quantum connection between consciousness and the soul. That is, in quantum mechanics, particles can and are, essentially, in two places at the same time. Penrose with Prof. Stuart Hameroff have hypothesized that under quantum biology, there is an alternating connection of quantum particles that link consciousness with the universe [Penrose does not infer that that link is one's soul while Hameroff does infer that the link connects consciousness with the soul].

  • The soul is conscious and aware.

    The soul is the inner self. It is aware, perceiving, attentive, thinking and analytical. Consciousness is a state of the soul. A baby apprehends. He/she knows intuitively based on experience from the senses. The brain creates representations: appearances, tastes, sounds, smells and feels. The soul experiences the senses that the brain portrays and learns what the representations mean.

    Without a soul a person would be an automaton reacting to reality without knowing. The source, physical features and location of the soul is not known. But the existence soul is obvious to people who have one.

  • No it is not.

    Souls resides in living human beings, that you are conscious of it or not.
    Consciousness is like a multidimensional awareness of the, All That is/The Big Picture, that is contained in all forms of existence, in all creations on Earth and beyond.
    Maybe Consciousness and existence have a special affinity.

  • No consciousness does not have to be moer

    I do not think consciousness is your sould because I don't believe there is an extra thing inside us like the soul. I think consciousness is just what it is, consciousness. There is no soul inside you that escapes when you die. Your alive because every part of your body is functioning properly.

  • Consciousness is not the soul.

    I believe that when we die, our souls die with us. However, I do believe that we all have one universal consciousness that has lived since the beginning of time. I think that our souls are nothing more than neurological manifestations of our genetic programming and past experiences. I think that it is very hard for the consciousness to die because the consciousness IS THE UNIVERSE. I think that even things that don't have minds (including plants and inanimate objects) have consciousness. I believe that we might truly die when the theoretical day comes that the universe collapses upon itself and is destroyed. If I can truly believe believe this, then I have no reason to fear death. However, I don't want to die because I like living.

  • Consciousness is d symptom of a soul

    Consciousness is a symptom of a soul. Just simillar to heat nnd light are the symptom of a soul. Fire may present in one place, but heat nd light spread to all over d area, llarly soul is situated in d heart but consciouness is spread over d body. This knowledge self one can properly understand by studing authorised scriptures not by speculation.

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