• Incest is just a symptom of a deeper problem.

    This argument that it's all about love is just a cover-up of a deeper issue here. Somewhere down the family line no proper boundaries were given. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the family line had some severe sexual abuse. So, this isn't about love in the family, but disrespect, power and control. Even if it's consensual! The person is only concerned about themselves and their needs. It becomes self-centered. They can rationalize and justify their behaviors, but in reality they really are hurting themselves and others with no regard. They most likely cannot develop healthy relationships outside of family. Lets put it this way: A healthy brother and sister will not/never engage in sex with each other. Either as children or as adults. But, those that do are really sick psychologically, and need intense therapy to get well. Eventually down the road people involved in incest will have to face their demons, and I can tell you that it will not be pretty. It will be painful. Incest is just plain wrong.

  • What the hell?

    You people are perverted, sad, and lonely if you have to resort to incest. Incest is wrong. People who support consensual incest, or incestin any form, are what s wrong with society. Next you'll be telling m that bestiality is also alright as long as you feed and take care of the animal?

  • Yes, Incest Is Bad For Families

    Incest is something we, as a society, should discourage. Not because of any genetic reason and not because of any religious reason, but because incest is harmful to the family unit. The family is where children learn to love and trust. Injecting this atmosphere with sex and sexuality is harmful. Even if we limit our example to consenting adults, allowing it at all may still let sexuality flow into the family unit. We don't want fathers "waiting" for their children to grow up or sisters waiting around to seduce their brothers once they come of age. It's just harmful all around.

  • All Incest Is Wrong

    Yes, consensual incest is wrong. To take it one step further, all incest is wrong. Nobody should be having sex or doing any type of sexual activities with family members. It is very wrong and in my opinion, it is absolutely disgusting. They really need to make this stuff illegal.

  • Consent is the basis of morality

    If two people want to do something, they deserve that right. If it doesn't harm anyone else, it is perfectly okay. People say "well what about mutant babies?" this is about INCEST, not INBREEDING! There is a difference, people. Incest doesn't have to result in children. Have you ever heard of birth control?

  • Let's keep to biological facts

    Since lots of people today ignore morals, let's look at biology. Inbreeding produces problems genetically that can ruin gene pools and produce the increased likelihood of genetic diseases within a line. This would mean that if a family has a history of diabetic or heart problems, inbreeding in that line will promote a greater likelihood of those problems appearing in the future. Animals, specifically mammals (which we are), go to great lengths to avoid inbreeding. Primates exile females to other family groups so that the fathers don't start going at it with them. Lions drive away males after they get older to ensure there isn't a fight for dominance between them and their father. In the cycle of life dead ends occur regularly, and the quickest way to do that is make the gene pool much smaller.

    Say that one were to state "What about breeding domestic animals? That counts as inbreeding, doesn't it?" True, but that doesn't justify the problem. Inbreeding the animals for traits we want causes problems just as bad as consenting animals in the wild. Pure-blood labs, for example, have hip problems that greatly effects them later on in life and forces many owners to put them down because of how bad their hips affect them.

    Counting on two consenting adults in an incestual relationship to keep from having kids isn't enough either, because while we praise the pill and the condom, one can't keep two loved ones from wanting to have kids, and in the end, like it or not, eventually they'll break the rules. When that happens, the mother and father both have condemned their future offspring with the genetic problems their family shares, which can lead to down syndrome, birth defects, leukemia; the list goes on. It is our responsibility as humans; our responsibility to nature; to keep our genetic line pure and strong, and the last thing we want to do is promote legal incest. Believe me; we owe at least that to nature.

    Kind of makes me upset that so many people are for it. Shame on you guys.

  • Go for it

    I understand the opposition to incest from the standpoint of preventing genetically defective children, but I don't think its any of my business if two consenting adults want to take that risk. Interesting to see that most people against it here just say "it's wrong because it's wrong." Great argument...

  • Consent isn't that easy

    There is supposed to be a healthy level of boundaries and safety within a family unit. How do you have a sexual relationship with people who raised you and go into the world, and still have healthy boundaries and relationships? Or do you ever? Do you never experience other relationships because if you decide you're done with your incest relationship, it's burning a bridge? Now you have awkwardness with family that you would otherwise have a "normal" non-sexual relationship. When you have children as a product of incest, what's to stop it from occurring again? Because the only reason you keep a secret is to avoid consequences. Gay marriage is becoming normal. Incest is not stigmatized unfairly. There are obvious reasons for it. So if you disagree and you tell your kids, are you going to be ok when your children are experimenting sexually when they hit puberty? Or parent-offspring relations, should they occur?

  • Yes, it is absolutely wrong.

    Anyone, child or adult, that believes otherwise needs to see a psychiatrist. Parents are supposed to love their children in a positive healthy way, absolutely not in a sexual way. They are supposed to teach their children what it means to be in a happy and healthy relationship (physically, mentally, and emotionally). Incest is none of those things.

  • Incest is perfectly ok if there is mutual agreement.

    If two brothers want to have sex with each other, What's wrong with it? Nothing at all! As long as there is mutual consent and enjoyment, I say, Go for it! Love has many hues, Sexual closeness is one of the beautiful hues. Moralistic idiots are simply jealous, Forget them.

  • Sex is sex as long as it's between a man and woman

    If a brother and sister want to have sex with each than it should be considered perfectly fine. If the love between a brother and sister are close than there shouldn't be any problem with them having sex with one another. Btw I speak from experience o this issue me and my younger sister are really close and we've had sex before and still do so.

  • No Harm No Foul

    People always argue that all incest is morally wrong because we shouldn't feel romantically attracted to our family members. There's no real reasoning here, just 'people shouldn't do it because I said so' or 'they shouldn't because it's sick' -which are opinions and feelings but not facts.

    They also argue that sex between family members results in children with disabilities and that's not fair on the child. It's not, but whats to say that *every couple* wants children? And even if they do there's always adoption. There are millions of children out there without families, surely giving incestuous couples the right to be with each other and adopt a child in need of a family is a win-win?

    If you take children and societies opinions out of the equation, there's no real reason for people to not be allowed to have romantic/sexual feelings for members of their family and act on those feelings.

    In fact the way we view incest today is based on psychological conditioning; we're told something is disgusting and after a while we believe it. For example people used to think that being gay or bisexual was a sin and then a mental illness -same sex marriage still isn't legal in most countries!

    Basically, society needs to stop assuming that because a majority of people don't agree with something then it's gospel!

    I wouldn't go as far as to encourage incest, but imprisoning people for having sex with someone they choose to have sex with seems a bit ridiculous when countless murderers and rapists walk the streets for whatever reason. Frankly to me the government dictating who we can and can't love is just another way for them to control us.

    Really ask yourselves who's it going to hurt if two people want to have a relationship with each other? If they choose not to have children, who are a brother and sister hurting if they want to be together?

  • It depends on the situation

    In my opinion, it would depend on who is committing incest. For example, if a son were to have sex with his mother (or daughter/father), I think that would be a shame because the mother is already married to the father. Having sex with another man/women would be adultery and therefor immoral. On the other hand, if a brother/sister incest was to occur, this would be fine since the siblings are not married to anyone else (unless they are!).

    Even if incest causes birth defects, I am still not against it. Are we going to ban marriage or sex just because there might be a birth defect? I hope not. If two family members are in love with each other, let them be (again, unless its causing adultery of some kind).

  • It is how they choose to love each other.

    As long as it is not forced and they both agree to it, it is no one's business but their own. If this is how they choose to love each other, so be it. However, I think that such a relationship should be limited to only making love (I don't call it sex when it's between father and daughter) and not to pregnancy and babies. If consensual incest is considered victimless, once a baby is born there is a victim

  • Adam and Eve

    The belief that it is wrong was created in a church. So religion plays a part in this. Yet most religions believe they come from the first man and woman. How did they raise the populace without committing incest? While I don't think of any of my siblings or first cousins or older aunts and uncles in that way. I am in love with my third cousin. Should our relationship be illegal just because its considered wrong in so many eyes? Do you really want to oppress people just because its absolutely wrong in your mind. I think some limits should be set, but condemning it entirely makes us just as bad as people who committed genocide and oppressed other people like African Americans, and Native Americans just because they weren't like us and they had different beliefs.

  • Definitions People, Not Stigmas.

    I'm Jewish, thus I believe in the Bible, and I am against incest-and-homosexuality, not that I hate such people, with no reasoning besides that God, creator of the world, said so, so he's right, no reasoning needed. If there was no Bible I'd be for all such relationships.
    If this was a gay argument I'd say it's wrong. In the case of incest I say that there are three-categories people mash-together under one-headline which is misleading.
    Even to Jews, marriage between first-cousins or even an uncle-niece are perfectly legit, and even smiled upon. The statistics people were talking about are between siblings, yet cousins, even if it could be higher, it could also be lower then most. It depends what genes were passed on from the grandparents and parents down. Even if siblings are a deep and close connection, I think most people are closer to best friends then most of their cousins. Awkwardness or oddness in having a sexual-relationship with one's childhood-friend should be greater then cousins who live far-away who they barely know. It could hurt the family just as a relationship between two childhood-friends could hurt the connection between the families, and family forgive more easily. So first cousins (and-most-relatives) are perfectly rational, it's just stigmas and fear which gets people. Now about uncles-and-nieces, I'm talking about the uncle and niece in close age proximity, which shouldn't be different then childhood-friends.
    That was the first type, which I think shouldn't be called incest as it's derogatory and sounds-like-an- illnesses. The second is between siblings. A Jew'd call that incest, but without the Bible I'd say it's okay. I don't need to argue the point as all the people above argued it very well. Because I believe in the Bible I place others also under this category as wrong, like aunts, in-laws, and other forbidden by the Bible, but if it wasn't for God I'd say it's okay.
    Now the third category is parent-child sexual relation. It is difficult to play the caring unconditional loving parent job whilst having a sexual affair with them. Also it could subconsciously gear parents to raising their kids to want to have a sexual relationship with them when they can consent (and older siblings are just like an older friend who can do the same, both are wrong, but no because of incest). That's my argument against parent-child relations, which can also possibly bring to sexual abuse with a parent who sees their kid from birth to adulthood in all their vulnerable times. Now in this category, I place adoptive-parents, teachers and psychologists, because the relationship between them would make it hard to add a sexual one. Yet once that role is uplifted, why not? I'm just saying that somewhat conflicting roles shouldn't be played together. Yet biological-parents are always parents.
    Now I'd also want to point out that even as a Jew I'd say that non-biological siblings in any way are okay, just like any relation, that it should be healthy.

  • Incest Would Have Been a Good Option For Me

    Although I was good looking and healthy, I was still a virgin well into my twenties, based on my low self-esteem and a "complex" of fear of sex that had built up over the years. My attractive (2 yr.) younger sister was sexually active from about the age of 13, and the 2 of us were very close friends into adulthood. When I was about 25 (and still a virgin) and she 23, my sister was between relationships and "proposed" sex by exposing her vagina to me, and I became visibly aroused, but did not follow through with sex, based on the accepted moral belief that it was "wrong". 5 years later, and still a virgin, a took a mail order bride out of desperation to finally lose my virginity, and have had one misery after another since based on that poor decision. Since both my sister and I were adults, and mature enough to handle the emotional side, I can't help thinking that a sexual relationship in those years would have been an extremely beneficial thing that would not have damaged either of us.

  • Consent is multi-faceted

    Consent is not always clear cut. There are many factors to consider such as emotional maturity of each party . . . "age of consent" is not always a reliable factor in determining emotional maturity, neither is being over the "age of consent". The law errs on the side of "caution" when it assigns an arbitrary age for consent. To determine if there is truly mutual consent requires careful, professional and not half-assed assessment.

  • Consent is Consent

    Okay, here's a situation. Two adults want to have sex with each other. A condom will be worn (I understand this is not 100% foolproof, bear with me on this) and they are in love with each other and not in any other relationships. They are both over legal age of adulthood. Should they sleep with each other?

    Your answer is probably (hopefully) yes.

    Okay, same situation: full consent, legal, in love... Related. They're brother and sister. What now? What changes it?

    And what is your argument besides "it's disgusting," "it's unnatural," "it's wrong"? It seems we on the side of incest tend to have a lot more valid reasons than you do. Explain yourself and put up a proper argument, please. "It's gross, wrong, and perverted" is not a valid, /factual/ answer.

  • It is just the social system that stops incest

    People have the right to have special feeling towards anyone (including family members). But really taking it from sociecty Veiw it's pretty much " ewww wtf" who taught us that incest is wrong? But really it's not wrong if the two willing pair are willing to take the risk of biological facts but otherwise it should be fine cause do you really need to care about other people business. Look at different perspectives and stay on subject! A bother and sister are willing to do it and have a kid they think about society judgement. Society is almost the problem for a lot of things. If people didn't judge others incest would have ever become a problem in people mind. I've seen what it's like to be on both views of incest, its really the system that ruins everything, it no possible way a person can be perfect, people need to think twice. We we given freedom for a reason. You can judge but I recall you shouldn't impose your judgement on them... It's all society pretty much

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HERO_DREAMER says2016-11-26T19:59:03.353
Consensual incest is fine by me - love is love, after all. So what if lovers happen to be closely-related? That doesn't automatically invalidate their love for each other.
adityabehera1992 says2019-02-25T20:25:49.577
We as modern world citizen, Should allow consensual incest, As they are harming no one. We should accept liberty and give freedom to persons to choose sex partners. If a brother and sister wants to prove their love in any form, May be sexual, Should be accepted. Even brother sister marriage should be legalized. If a brother and sister duo wants to live their whole life together by marrying, It should be allowed. But producing children should not be allowed because of birth defects. There must be provisions such that such couples can adopt children easily by law. As the global population is increasing rapidly, A threat to the world, Adoption of babies by such couples will help the world and the million children, Who are living in starvation. Legalizing consensual incest sex will help reduce the number of rape crimes and murders.

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