• Yes, it is defined as that exactly

    Modern conservative, mostly Republicans, believe in following the fundamental principles of the constitution. They usually believe in "de-regulation", and are for shrinked-down governments'. So, yes, they believe in more outdated principles and in a patriotic nation. Yes, they may propose new laws but these essentially just bring us back to a more conservative culture; not progressive ideas.

  • Do not agree

    Conservatism is not necessarily the same as opposing progress, conservatism may be a way of holding on to old values it does not mean its not in support or in opposition to progress. conservatism merely protects old values that promotes and defines and also defends always our way of life.

  • Conservatism defends more progressive ideas than liberalism.

    The ideas of liberalism concerning benighted governance and a larger state are not new or original. Nor are they a system that was not practiced prior to recently. Many liberal policies are similar to ones that were replaced or defeated by radical economic theory in the 18th century. The ideas of limited governance and free markets is relatively new and the progress born by the second oldest government in the world has shown that there is an alternative. In short, conservatism opposes progress on the road to socialism or mercantalism, but that is not the same as opposing progress per se.

  • It is just a different philosophy

    There is nothing inherently progressive liberalism despite the conservative ideology being associated with older generation. It simply emphasizes things like family values, probably the bible, and opposes things like big government and higher taxes. None of this should necessarily mean that progress is not happening, it just means progress comes in a different way.

  • No, conservatism is not about opposing progress.

    I do not believe that people who believe in conservatism is against progress. I do not view each thing as being comparable. I think that conservatism is a belief in a set of principles and not about detering the advancement of humanity. Progress is something believed by every body regardless of politics.

  • It is preserving freedom.

    No, conservatism is not the same as opposing progress, because conservatism wants to allow progress. Conservatives believe that people are basically good, and that if the government does not intervene, and people are left to their devices, that they will create things on their own that will progress society into a better place.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-12-08T23:42:09.310
Conservatism is the rejection of certain new ideas (being new doesn't automatically make an idea good).

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