• Why do we want to pay more in welfare?

    Get rid of contraception, get ready to pay more of your tax dollars to unwanted children. I would much rather have people using contraception than not using it. Besides, why are you referencing the bible with a question like this? It's not as if the bible can dictate what laws get passed.

  • Religion should not rule the lives of any individual

    Everyone has a right to use contraception. Just because "the bible" says not to do it, that doesn't mean that everyone should start throwing away their condoms and spreading STI's like wildfire. What about non-christian men and women? Why should an atheist, a buddhist, a muslim or anyone else have to listen to the bible when none of us give two craps about what it tells us to do?

    Contraception not only prevents childbirth, but a lot of other things as well. It prevents over population, STI's, and, of course, unwanted pregnancies. It also prevents women in poor/developing countries from having children due to rape.

    If some christian man or woman wants to stop using contraception, be my guest, but don't try to force your pointless laws onto the rest of the world.

  • Yes it is.

    I believe that contraception is a right. If a woman wants to prevent pregnancy, that is is her business. It is wrong for the anticontraceptive movement to force their beliefs on other people. Contraception should be covered by insurance. I see no problem with this. Freedom is a right as long as no one gets hurt.

  • Safe sex is educated and should be practiced

    Contraception allows women to prevent pregnancy, which does not harm the society's interest. In fact, safe sex can lessen the problem of unwanted children, thus avoiding the much larger costs (and debate) of abortion. Contraception is not something that hurts our society; unlike drugs. People should be allowed to use contraception freely.

  • No, it's a liberty:

    You do not have the inherent "right" to contraception because it's not an integral part of modern health care. I don't think you meant to ask the question you did and I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be some religious harping but why beat a dead horse?

    So the answer actually is "No".

  • Error has no rights

    Contraception is inherently opposed to rightly ordered sexuality. It separates the procreative aspect of the conjugal act from the unitive apect therefore depriving a necessary element from it and distorting it. Sex must be limited to married couples and be open to life. Anything else is contrary to the natural law and therefore wrong. There is no right to commit acts against the natural law.

    *Sits back, awaits commens*

  • Everyone has the right to use contraceptives, but you can't make someone else pay for it.

    To start with, I shouldn't need to give a reason why I SHOULDN'T have to pay for someone else's contraceptives. Rather, those who are asking ("forcing" would be a more appropriate word) me to pay should have to give me a reason why I SHOULD have to pay for it.

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