Is controlling science the main challenge of the 21st century?

Asked by: mima
  • It has to be!

    Nothing can be of benefit unless it is used and applied in a controlled manner. Salt is very beneficial for us, but when this salt is used too much, this causes high blood pressure. Similarly, science has to be controlled..The continuous inventions of science is definitely good for us, but not always.

    Posted by: mima
  • No it is not!!

    Y do we guys need to control science?? Can't we see it's positive side... Agree it does have some negatives too but that's the case for each and everything in this world... But the point is the negatives can be sorted out by your positive attitude.

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tahir.imanov says2013-09-19T11:27:02.913
Issue should be who controls science, if it is bunch of politicians or military then I say no. Sometimes scientists go far in their research, we cannot completly trust them, everything must be open to public opinion. By public I mean rational people, not anti-abortionists, not anti-stem-cell-research-ists, not the people who says universe is 5000 years old, and dinozaurs did not exist.