• Yes: Controversy is Sometimes Beneficial

    The difference between controversy and a simple difference in opinion is that controversy implies widespread disagreement. While such disagreement may be oversimplified in its presentation, it none the less brings an issue to public attention, creating a larger dialog. While such discussions may concern issues of no real importance, like the outcome of a sporting match, it is possible for controversy to raise awareness about issues like illegal wars and thus refine the debate. Controversy, therefore, is certainly not always beneficial, but in some cases it can be.

  • Yes, controversy is sometimes beneficial.

    I think that controversy is sometimes beneficial. While some controversy is negative and can be harmful to a company or business, I think that such a thing can be beneficial for some people. A controversy can sometimes makes some people into celebrities in this day and age where the media is popular.

  • Yes, I think controversy is sometimes beneficial.

    I think controversy is beneficial sometimes because it opens up an issue or topic for discussion from many different angles, everyone always has a different take on a controversial issue and in the end society as a whole benefits when we receive a broad form of opinions and are able to make better decisions.

  • Controversy can sometimes be beneficial

    It is my opinion that under the right circumstances controversy can be beneficial. It can cause people to discuss other people, places, or things that they would not be discussing under normal circumstances. Many celebrities use controversy to their advantage in order to resurrect their fading careers and become more famous.

  • We get to hear the arguments.

    Yes, controversy is sometimes beneficial, because it allows us to think about the pros and cons of each situation. Controversy also helps people learn to compete so that they can be their best, because only the best will win. Controversy can make an issue clear, and controversy can make people rise to compete.

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