• He is definitely in the top three goalies in the leauge

    Crawford is amazing he has won two Stanley cups in the last 4 years with the Chicago Blackhawks. He shuts down the biggest players for example the Stanley cup final he didn't let stamkos score a goal. With Crawford they have made the playoffs every year. Crawford is the best.
    Go hawks

  • Shutout Game 6 Stanley cup

    Ahhh to the people on the right, Someone who shall remain nameless, just won another Stanley cup. O and Shut out the highest scoring team in the league to do it. GG. You all can just keep on crying while he keeps winning. Better than the goalies on your teams. ;)

  • Crawford is Amazing

    Crawford defends the net, defensemen plays their position. The team has confidence in Crawford. No one can stop them all. He does a beautiful job!! I see other goalies in the league needing extra help from their defensemen so much, it looks like there is 2-3 goalies in the blue. Just tells me, the team has practiced that way and their goalie can't do it alone. Anyone wants to put Crawford down and second guess can just shut it.

  • He is a beast

    He is simply the best with his agility and glove saves. No one can compare to him. Quick and lunqvist are elite goalies but Corey Crawford is simply one step above them. Lunqvist doesn't have a single ring but quick and Crawford have 2. It then comes down to concentration which quick lacks because he scorer in his own net against the rangers. Case closed Crawford is the best.

  • Yes, Corey Crawford is the best.

    Everyone has moments when they make mistakes but out of all the goalies Corey is one of the best out there. He won a Stanley cup and he keeps trying for another he never gives up and fights hard to keep the puck out of the goal so he is a very good goalie.

  • He won a Stanley Cup, and continues to play well.

    Corey Crawford is playing very well, he has won a Stanley Cup, and leads the division again. He continues to make great saves. He gives his team a chance to win every night. Makes the game enjoyable to watch. He has a great funny personality, humorous, outgoing, respectful, athletic, loves Chicago!

  • Craw fords good but not the best

    Yes he's won 2 stanley cups with the Blackhawks but he never statistic wise ever apperd in the top in wins or shout outs. U can argue he is the best because the Blackhawks are the best but then really the team really is just doing all the work. Crawford is a strong goalie overall but I'll say it this way he's not a top five goalie or made top ten but I'm sure many agree with me and him being goog

  • Not a Chance

    Yes, he is a 2-time Stanley Cup Champion. However, he is just an average goalie that happens to play behind one of the best lineups in the league. Also, he was benched for part of Chicago's 2015 run to the Cup, he lets in soft goals, and chokes when it matters the most.

  • He can only stop out side shots

    Crawford can stop out side shot just like any other goalie but he is poo when it comes to inside shots as he has the hand eye of a 5 year old. With his stellar defense it is no wonder why he has such good stats but it is obvious any goalie could replace him

  • Worst goalie ever

    Couldn't stop a beachball from the blue line. He finds it Impossible to close his mouth because of his fat lips. Mouthbreather. Sobul for early exits and three of the last four playoff years. Worst goalie in the NHL, possibly ever. Will be responsible for the Hawks getting bounced from the playoffs again this year.

  • Corey Crawford is better at #2 not starting

    His injuries have slowed him a lot. Nice guy but hot the best for the Hawks. He is slow to drop and seems like he is frozen is space at times. He does well as the backup like in 2013 with Emory. Think it may be a psychological thing more than the physical limitations.

  • There is no way he is the best goalie in the NHL

    Corey Crawford is not the best goalie in the NHL. Yes he has won a Stanley Cup starting every playoff game but that does not automatically make him the best. Besides the 1 all star game he got voted into just because he is on the Blackhawks, he has no personal achievement. Them winning the Jennings Trophy for least goals allowed in 2013 was not all Crawford. Emery rotated with him and played just as well as Crawford in the regular season. In his last 202 regular season games he has had a total of 7 shutouts, as of right now there are 3 goalies (Holtby, Price, and Fleury) who have more than that just this season. He also received 0 Vezina trophy votes last season, if he really was the best goalie in the league, he would have won or been a finalist for the Vezina trophy by now at the age of 30.

  • Antti Raanta is closer to being an elite goalie than Corey Crawford

    Raanta has proved that Crawford is not an elite goaltender and simply a good goaltender that benefits from a great team. Crawford has started 24 games this year and won 15 while posting a 9.19 save% and a 2.20 GAA with 1 shutout. Raanta has started 8 games this year and won 6 with a 9.44 save% and 1.73 GAA with 2 shutouts (more than Crawford in 1/3 of the games started). I get it Crawford has won the cup, but 7 of the last 9 goalies who have won the cup had never won the cup before meaning that winning cups doesn't necessarily prove that you'll do it again (the two exceptions being Crawford and Quick because they are on stacked teams with great depth). Fatigue is also a valid argument as to why Antti Raanta and Scott Darling (AHL Goalie called up for 7 games got 5 wins and posted better stats than Crawford) have put up better numbers than Crawford, but fatigue doesn't allow your backup to post a better save% by over 0.2 points and a better GAA by .5 goals. Lastly, there have been articles written about how porous and poor Crawford's glove is so the fact that someone claimed he has a great glove indicates you have little to no hockey knowledge. The Blackhawks will for sure win the cup this year if they begin to hand the reigns over to Antti Raanta now to help build up his confidence before the playoffs. Corey Crawfords best years are behind him in Chicago and although the Hawks could still win it this year with him because of their elite caliber skaters, he's not the best goalie in Chicago.

  • Tuukka Rask, Jonathan Quick, Ryan Miller say hello

    No, no, no. Corey Crawford is not even a top 5 goaltender in the NHL. He is a great goalie, but is helped by such a good team in front of him. Tuukka Rask, Johnathan Quick, Ryan Miller, Kari Lehtonen, and Henrik Lundquivst all represent better goalies than him. His glove hand is hjorrible, which was shown in the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals.

  • Corey Crawford is not the best goalie in the NHL.

    Corey Crawford is a solid goaltender but stats aren't always the decisive factor. Chicago's defense is one of the best in the NHL and Corey has been injured half the year already anyways. For example, Cory Schneider, you have to give him credit for something. Not any goalie in the world can give the New Jersey Devils organization no choice but to make Martin Brodeur, one of the premier goalies in history, on the bench at least 4-5 games. There's not one defenseman on the NJD that is going to Soshi in February but on the Blackhawks, Corey Crawford has Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook on the front line when it comes to defense. Just because the team is winning, doesn't necessarily mean that they have a top notch, next Patrick Roy, goaltender in the backstop.

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