• History of Antagonism

    The Chinese CCP government has a history of covert attacks against the United States from buying spies within the Department of Energy and other agencies and departments of the United States, Buying academics within U. S. Institutions, Stealing the corporate secrets of U. S. Companies, To the recent apprehension of Chinese biologists bringing SARS and MERS in plastic containers into the country (during the height of the novel corona virus pandemic), Which were classified by the FBI as bioterrorism. China cannot directly confront the U. S. With military force, So they are using other means to destroy the U. S. Economy and society, Including bioterrorism.

  • It would not make any sense

    I can agree that the CCP is evil and tyrannical and stains the name of Marxism. But one simple fact changes this: If the CCP has spies in America, Why not start the disease there? Also, If the Chinese decided it would be smort to start the disease in China, They made it start spreading right as the Chinese New Year started, The largest migration in the world. Why wouldn't the CCP start the disease at, Like, Any other time of the year? I know the Chinese Government is cruel to its people, But killing potential workers/soldiers makes no tactical sense. Also, Scientists have found that the coronavirus came from a bat, Probably spread to a livestock animal. If our world governments haven't been able to produce a vaccine, Then they couldn't have made the disease in the first place. Proposing that the Chinese SECRETLY HAVE A CURE ALREADY OOOOOOOO, That would be impossible because, No matter how secret they try to keep it, People will steal it and sell it to the black market or something, Where it will reach the news. Why can't we Americans and Chinese put down our millions of prejudices for once and face the pandemic together.

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