• It is hitting your child so it is abuse!

    Corporal punishment is an excuse for parents to hit, Spank, Whip, Cane or smack their children. It is not helpful and all it does is creates a vicious cycle for children to continually misbehave. Parents don’t need to use corporal punishment when they can use their words instead or use other techniques like loss of privilege. Don’t hit your infants!

  • Without question it is the same.

    However there is something to be said for individual cases. I was spanked as a child and it didn't work, in fact it enticed me to find different ways to rebel. I learned no lessons from physical punishment, I responded much better to a stern talk or something that appealed to my intellectualism. That taught me to respect the rules, not fear them. However my brother got spanked and he learned his lesson. I think it depends on the kid, you can't just apply blanket statements to punishments that will work in every situation. That's completely disingenuous. However I will still advocate against corporal punishment of any kind because although it might work in some situations, it won't work in all of them, and can teach children to resent/fear their parents. It doesn't foster a system of trust or respect it teaches "if I don't do what they want they're going to hurt me". And that's not healthy for a child's psyche.
    I think this form of punishment is very draconian and outdated. "Oh this kid isn't doing what we want? Let's beat the crap out of 'em!" Doesn't hold up to today's standards, and there are much better ways to teach children lessons that don't involve being physical. Time outs, taking away privileges there's a list a mile long.

    I would never raise a hand to any child, however that doesn't mean I don't show them some hard discipline when they deserve it.
    If you believe in corporal punishment for your kids that's fine, but just know that my kids won't be going anywhere near you.

  • Yes it is the same.

    Corporal punishment is the same as child abuse. Any form of physical punishment on a child not done by a parent in an act to teach a child a lesson such as a spanking, should be viewed as child abuse. No child should have to endure what it is liked to be hit by an adult.

  • Corporal punishment is the same as child abuse.

    Corporal punishment is the same as child abuse. There are many other ways to punish children without having to physically harm them. We are beyond the days of spanking a child when it misbehaves and I think parents should realize that if they just talk to their children then they would get further in raising their children.

  • We don't use corporal punishment on kids

    Corporal punishment is no where near the same thing as child abuse. First of all, I have never heard of corporal punishment being used on a minor, and only used on adults, therefore how can it be child abuse? Also, corporal punishment is used by people who committed crimes. It's way different.

  • Corporal Punishmen Teaches Lessons

    I would never spank my kids. However, I was spanked as a child and I learned my lessons upon being spanked. There is no arguing that corporal punishment teaches children how to behave. However, I can understand that corporal punishment taken too far can be construed as child abuse. There is a fine line between spanking and whipping.

  • Not for the same purpose/ result

    Corporal punishment is when the teacher/ guardian maybe hurt a child so they could be more responsible in the future. In some parts of the world this is allowed. Child abuse, however, is just hurting your child for literally no purpose which shouldn't be allowed in countries, for it is a bad influence and may cause hatred, violence, and even worse relationships than corporal punishment brings up.

  • Spanking Has Its Place

    I believe many would argue that spanking a child is a form of corporal punishment and it should be regarded as child abuse, but there is also a whole other group that supports spankings and they say it works. I've tried to use spanking with my child and I found it didn't work and I didn't prefer that method, but I don't see it as child abuse either. Of course, when parents over do it, or spank particularly hard, or hit children in inappropriate ways, then of course it is child abuse.

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