• What is this school?

    I agree that a company should have a system to keep their work quality up to par, but that seems like it would bring a lot of people down. You don't want your workers to feel like they are failing at their job and they are being graded, that causes stress and I see it as a huge flaw.

  • It is semantics.

    Yes, Corporate America is full of it with their report card grades, because that is just another way to market to the public. When a company markets itself as eco-friendly, they do so because they think it's what people want to hear. Corporate America publishes report cards in order to keep the government and/or consumers happy.

  • Corporate America your report card is wrong

    Corporate America and their all knowing report card needs to go back to class. It is senseless and silly in an election year to try and make things look better than they are. It's a direct insult to the intelligence of Americans to try and mislead. A report card is nothing but a guage and it must be accurate to actually work.

  • When you make education about profit, results are no longer trustworthy

    When your entire pay is based on whether or not children pass a subject, it stands to reason you will protect you income.

    Corporate education is just another way for the wealthy capital holders to subvert more control over the people.

    Public education is the only way to ensure objectivity in education.

  • It's Necessary, Even If Not Perfect

    Corporations have to be regulated with some type of system to keep them from getting out of control with things such as taking advantage of workers and using unethical practices. While it's true that there are ways people can lie and skew results, just the fact that they have to be held to some kind of standard will keep them from being able to take it but so far. If there was nothing in place, whatever corruption there is would be multiplied.

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