• The rich get richer

    In America, the so called land of opportunity, the rich seem to be getting richer and the poor seem to be getting poorer. The major heads and owners of large corporations are allowing themselves higher bonuses while cutting a majority of their staff, and there's no ethical excuse for this to be so.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe corporate downsizing is the result of greed. Corporations do far better when they are doing well, so theoretically a corporation doesn't want to get smaller because that typically means smaller market shares and smaller profits. I believe corporations can have problems for a variety of reasons, it's not always blame-able on greed.

  • No downsizing is not the result of greed.

    I strongly believe corporate downsizing is not the result of greed. Many businesses are facing tough laws and restrictions with regards to taxes and fees due to the new health care laws. There are tough decisions that need to be made as a result of these laws and downsizing is the reality of this.

  • It's the economy.

    No, corporate downsizing is not the result of greed, because the corporations have to cut down on employees because they can no longer afford it. With the advent of Obamacare, people are a lot more expensive to employ. Money that could employ 4 people now can only employ 3. This is not the corporations fault.

  • No, corporate downsizing is not the result of greed, but of an untenable situation.

    Corporations are not people and thus cannot inherently be greedy. It is usually caused when a business simply cannot maintain the status quo without losing profits or running themselves out of business and they must reduce costs. Before a company downsizes they usually research all available options and cutting jobs is one of the last things to go. Going out of business is inherently worse for the employees then downsizing.

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