• Yes too many people taking advantage of it

    The welfare system in America is broke, in more ways then one. There are many people taking advantage of the situation and getting money for nothing. If we do not change the system in a big way there are going to be more people taking advantage of it and bankrupting the economy.

  • Yes,corporate welfare is making the U.S. broke.

    Everyone is always criticizing the poor for taking welfare but in actuality corporate welfare is the downfall of American society.Why should the government subsidize companies that have plenty of money already?The theory is that they will bring more money into the economy but in actuality and through evidence this is rarely the case.

  • Yes, corporate welfare is making the U.S. broke.

    The finances of the U.S are no longer at a place where we can afford to hand out big tax breaks to companies who make millions of dollars in profits, with much of those profits going into the pockets of a small minority of people. Corporation's tax breaks need to end so that money can go into the U.S economy, to get this country back to a place where everyone has a chance to make a good living.

  • Yes... Why should large corporations get special treatment?

    In America if you are a large company or corporation, it means one of two things. You may have started with an awesome business model and it took off so your company flourished in the recessing economy, despite the factors working against it. If you are a company that does not fit the description above, you are probably a company that the US government sees as an opportunity to make money... So they fund you and give you special benefits, but give none to smaller companies (The true heart of capitalism). These smaller businesses simply cannot compete with large corporations. Their prices cannot compare. While they already had to sell at a higher price, now inflation is forcing them to raise prices even more so. Buyers can't afford to shop at these places, so we go to Walmart. Without customers, the smaller companies go broke and shut down. With no competition shoppers have no choice but to go to Walmart and pay whatever they decide to charge.

  • Yes, We Should Stop Giving Corporations Breaks

    Corporate welfare is one of the most corrupt aspects of our government. It allows the government to give special tax breaks and cash funds to industries and corporations who already make millions and billions of dollars every year. The media keeps harping on about welfare for the poor, but we rarely here about all the welfare the rich are receiving.

  • Yes

    Corporate welfare is one of the factors that will drive the U.S. government broke. We shell out huge sums of cash to companies and industries that are well-established and make very large profits on their own. We don't force them to pay their fair share of taxes, and it is costing us billions of dollars every year.

  • Social Security, Medicare Making U.S. Broke

    Corporate welfare isn't making the United States broke. Everyone is dependent upon the government for services such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Those things should be privatized in order to save taxpayer money. Taxes on corporations and individuals making over a certain amount can be raised, but lower taxes isn't corporate welfare. Bailouts are rare now that the Great Recession is over, so bailouts aren't making the U.S. broke. Entitlements must be reformed and soon, otherwise the United States government will be insolvent.

  • No It Is Not

    Corporate welfare is a government supporting or subsidizing a private business, usually by tax incentives. I believe this is fairly uncommon in our government and we have many other, higher cost, programs. I think we would be better off to support small, local business, rather than the corporate behemoths we have, though.

  • Corporate welfare is not making the U.S. broke

    Corporate welfare is not making the United States of America broke. The United States of America is already broke. The United States has a trilion dollar deficit, and thusly can't be made broke by corporate welfare. Even if the United States wasn't already broke, corporate welfare would not be even close to being the thing that made the US broke.

  • Definitely not true!

    Like all programs there are good and bad. Fifty plus year old farm subsidies are a case in point. We now have a sugar glut due to over production of sugar beets & sugar cane. The government will provide price supports, just dumb. At only 10 percent of the budget, there are much more productive areas to cut, welfare, housing, food stamps, etc.

  • From my reading of the federal budget numbers corporate welfare is less than 10% of the budget.

    The comment is that corporate welfare is causing the US to go broke. How can that be if we spend less than 10% of our budget this way? There are many arguments that our country is not going broke. The budget deficit for 2013 is the lowest in over 5 years. I do agree that support for companies has taken on a life of its own. I do agree that subsidies are a mistake. I do not agree that they are a major cause of budget deficits.

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