• Yes, It is a good method

    I feel your body image is a very personal idea to be dealt with. So, As long as you have a personal standard of looking a particular way that does not impinge on your health and well being, I would say, Go ahead with the procedure. BUT, Do not fall prey to the expectations of the society and give in to get the procedure done. It should be your choice. Not the society's remarks that make you do it.

  • Sometimes plastic surgery can make the difference in personal happiness.

    Cosmetic surgery is a good method to resolve body image issues. While in most cases people can lose weight or wear makeup to appear attractive according to their own standards, in other cases people will need to have a nose job or a breast reduction to make the big difference in their lives.

  • Yes, cosmetic surgery can help resolve body image issues.

    Body image issues can run the gamut between birth defects at one extreme, and more frivolous desires to just look better than you do. A person who is born with some defect to their appearance ought to be able to correct it, and this is especially true of situations in which the defect has negative consequences to their health or well being. If other people choose to correct a supposed defect just relating to their feelings about how they look, they should be free to do so also. Cosmetic surgery is about the only option in both these cases, and even though there are risks, it is an elective surgery, so the risks are understood in advance.

  • The problem is psychological and not physical.

    If someone does not like the way their body looks, it's most likely because they were taught that they were ugly. There may be nothing wrong with their physical body at all, but because people intentionally or unintentionally call them ugly, they start to believe it. My main issue with this is that cosmetic surgery for beauty image issues makes some people look too "perfect." And by modifying your body, you can look even more unattractive in some cases. So people just need to be taught that everyone is beautiful and you can attract anyone in the world. Beauty is not only exterior, but interior as well.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe cosmetic surgery is a good method to resolve body image issues. People who try to resolve this problem through surgery will only ask for more surgeries in the future, until there is nothing natural about them. If a person has issues with their body image they more than likely need counseling.

  • Cosmetic surgery is not the best method to resolve body images issues.

    No, cosmetic surgery is not a good method of resolving issues regarding one's body image. More often than not, body images issues are part of a larger self esteem issue. Therefore, having a cosmetic procedure would also repair surface issues, and would not resolve the under lying causes of the body image issues.

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