• It is racist

    Cotton supports rougher pride and confederacy which is far right racism. Rebels are white surpemicist and do you know what fueled the rebels economy, Cotton! Cotton was grown so slaves could exist. Cotton is a racist symbol of the confederacy and is white supremicist. We don’t need MLK to say it. We know better than that!

  • It is racist

    Cotton is racist and white supremicist. If it weren’t for the fact farmers wanted to grow cotton, Slavery would have never happened. The only reason people grew cotton was so they could torture and enslave black people and work them to death. The only reason why farming existed was so slavery could exist. Ha! Take that losers!

  • It is too true

    Cotton was a product that made slavery real and people using Cotten supported the slavery movement. Even now, Cotton is still white which resembles white supremacy in America and most blacks are poor enough to work on cotton farms while them whites argue over who gets what? Even now, Blacks are enslaved by the economy

  • Where did you go to school?

    Cotton is racist because it is white and the plant it grew on cut open slave hands when they were forced to pick it off. Cotton is a sign of slavery that must be fully abolished. Cotton was the reason slavery existed. Cotton should be banned and people who use cotton should be jailed for using a product based off slavery.

  • Troll troll troll

    Hahaha trolling go brrrr. Yes cotton is racist because it’s white and the color white is racist and we should totally ban the color white just because it hurts peoples feelings when it comes to “racism” good grief what a joke. Oh as far as slavery. Yeah it happened why dwell on it? GET OVER IT! It’s only history now. Besides the U. S only did slavery for 80 years, Canada did it for 160 years and the U. K did it for 200 years. Why don’t you snowflakes go bark to them about it LOL

  • Ha ha ha, What a joke!

    Clowns think cotton is racist because it is colored white. Dye the cotton black if it makes you happy. Makes no difference. Slavery doesn’t exists and neither does racism. No wonder BLM is full of crap. They are trying to so, Ve a problem that doesn’t exist anymore. Cotton is not racist and BLM is full of trolls

  • Lol what? No

    Think again you big dum dums. Maybe you guys are the racist for thinking cotton is racist just because it has the color white. Cotton doesn’t even have a race it’s just a color so how the hell can it be “racist”? Is it because you think anything white is racist? With that logic debate. Org is racist for having a white layout, Snow is racist and white birds are racist. Are you dum dums seriously gonna argue that everything white is racist?

  • No, Just no

    Cotton is not racist. Non living materials are incapable of being racist. If cotton was truly racist, Mlk or Malcolm x would have said so themself and none of them claimed cotton was racist so cotton is not racist and anyone who disagrees should go to Google. It is free of charge

  • Night is racist

    Yep, Night is racist its black actually I'm going to go kill night because it's just too racist. What a stupid world we live in today. By the way youre racist because oif the white in your eye. So go color it red or something. Oh, Wait I forgot it's racist to have red for the people who aren't red. So It guess it can't be any color. How about you just go pop out your eye oh and while youre add it ust kill yourself too.

  • Nonsensical argument, Trolling

    A product can't be racist. It's like saying tree bark is racist. How about location? Is cotton in japan, Madagascar and Samoa racist too? Or just the cotton between your ears? You are trolling young man Go away and come back with a better topic to bring up because this isn't a topic at all.

  • Is this website a joke?

    If it is not a joke, Then this country is in far worse trouble than I imagined. No, Cotton is not racist. It is a plant, And a useful one at that. Slavery originated over sugar. Sugar is also white (sort of) should we ban that as well? Before some health nut answers, That was a hypothetical question. There would be violence if you attempt to ban sugar. . . .

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