Is Counter-Insurgency (COIN) a failed, suicidal military strategy that has directly led to our loss of the War in Afghanistan?

Asked by: DavidMGold
  • Yes but could you..

    Open this as a Poll instead of Opinion section. It would be easier to just say Yes. Rather than write 50 words about something I have no clue what it means. I guess yes because Zbigniew Brzezinski/CIA is the founder of the Taliban. And Alqaeda is Taliban. 9/11 was Al-qaeda. So 9/11 led to War. So the CIA started it and the finished the War in Afghanistan.

    Posted by: fazz
  • Counter-Insurgency as a military strategy is the epitome of failure..

    Counter-Insurgency (COIN) as a military strategy proves fatal victory given that your aim of denying the enemy use of the battle space, eliminating and destroying the enemy, etc. are replaced with delusional romantic fantasies founded upon mythical multicultural assumptions and politically correct distortions of the enemy, the nature of the conflict, and the ultimate goal. The wealth of empirical evidence suggests that transferring the U.S. social welfare system, public works projects, and turning a professional fighting force into policemen, social workers, and ambassadors has proven to be catastrophic and demoralizing to the war effort in Afghanistan. Failing to take into account Islam as an ideology, it's teachings, and approach as resulted in a cognitive dissonance much as we see with respect to ISIS. Worst, it elevates the population of the enemy above the lives of the men we send to war even going as far as to pair them with "Afghan partners" that have routinely carried out suicidal attacks on American personnel. Add to this Obama's outrageous pledge that U.S. soldiers cannot enter homes thus denying U.S. forces the use of the battle space has all but made assured defeat. To call this a war is a travesty.

  • This is based solely on biased opinion:

    There is no hard evidence for this. The fact that there is no hard evidence severely troubles me particularly because this is equivalent to simply stating that what you believe is what is true and that what is true aligns solely to what you feel is true which is not only unfair but completely unstable thinking.

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