• I play tf2 and it's easier

    Tf2 is easier but only because of the massive amount of play styles and weapon combinations to suit every play style. CS is built to be a more competitive game, While Tf2 is built to just have fun, And no matter what skill level you are, You can still improve. CS has a very limited amount of guns, Each catering to only one playstyle

  • WTF is accuracy in CSGO?

    Tf2 have little needs in accuracy, as most of tf2 hitscan weapons are shotguns or pistols. Only 100% accurate hitscan weapons are spy's revolvers first shot and sniper rifles. People also seldomly use shotguns. Engies uses rescue ranger, solider uses gunboats and most spy unlockables have decreased fire rate. CSGO only have a small variety of guns and too much assault rifles which have many recoil while tf2 have none. CS GO also need to pay money to play and needs more money for good looking guns. Tf2 is f2p and have item drops.

  • There are more techniques to learn

    In counter strike, you have to learn how to aim, how to control the recoil, how to save your money, how to communicate with your teammates and how to survive. These factors don't really exist in tf2 and no one is currently using them. Btw, every gun in cs go takes time to master.

  • It is More Competitive

    As a player with no life and over 100 hours in each game, I can attest to the fact that CS is harder than TF2. Cs is meant to be realistic and competitive, whereas TF2 is more fun-loving and casual. I also agree with the previous points about the learning curve and teamwork required.

  • Those d*mn headshots

    Every single time that one person sprays their ak and it so happens to hit me in the head, while in tf2 where ever you get hit it does the same damage (excluding sniper and spy headshot). Also in csgo you need to rely on your team or you will be sure to loose.

  • Well it obviously is.

    How is it not? TF2 is not only more casual, but counter strike has such a big learning curve. TF2 is just for fun. Not that counter strike isnt, but Counter Strike is more of a sport. I dont think it can even be compared to counter strike at all.

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