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Lilyona says2021-01-24T17:10:55.193
I cannot give a definite answer for either, Because both have equal advantages and disadvantages.

Rural towns are great for settling down, If you’re introverted, If you have a strong connection to nature, If you are particularly conservative, Or if you have a cozy minimalist aesthetic. Did you know that some have never seen the stars, Seen majestic cows or horses, Took a bite from a fresh peach, Ate the onion grass and gooseberries, Watched a heard of deer quietly trot across the road, Or heard a rooster crow? As with being conservative, You can be assured that very few progressive laws will go through, And you’ll stay in whatever political environment you came into.

Urban cities are great for having a fresh start, If you’re extroverted, If you have a strong connection to people, If you are particularly liberal, Or if you have a modern minimalist aesthetic. This is where you find out whether you have the potential for fame or not, As you will rarely be discovered in a rural town. The news that goes around will only travel to a few fellow villages at most. If you are adventurous and love to try new things, You can hit up thousands of shops and restaurants and art exhibitions and recreational facilities. If you are one to follow trends rather than preserve them, This is your place. As for the liberal side, Expect many rules to change in a short amount of time.

TL;DR, Rural towns are best for preservation, And urban cities are best for change.

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