• Yes, it hardly exists nowadays.

    Young people today do not date that much any more, they just hang out with each other, eventually have sex, have a baby, live together and lastly will proclaim to be engaged. Many times they never do get married. The little formalities of courtship get bypassed. Courtship used to be a way of marking socially the gradual progression to a serious relationship. Today, once the serious stuff is already out of the way, there is no reason to engage in courtship. It is unfortunate in my opinion.

  • Courtship is on the way out

    Courtship will soon be a thing of the past. Gone are the days of one stating that they are "going steady". Most of today's generation know nothing of what that terms means. When informed they tend to snicker at the thought. I personally miss the days of seeing those committed to a relationship where they consider themselves in a courtship.

  • It seems like courtship is over, but it is not

    Although the way some individuals interact with each other gives the impression that courtship is like an eight track, a truly distant thing of the past, it is not. There are still men and women who believe in courtship and practice it. Yes, in this day and age, any traditional acts of courtship seem astounding because they are rare, but they do exist.

  • Courtship is still alive in many cultures including the US

    I believe that courtship is alive and well, if not widespread. Among the Amish, young women and men don't date in the same fashion as the rest of us do. Instead they attend Sunday night singing and their alone time with the one they love is the buggy ride home. Indian culture requires group dating (what we called double dating once upon a time) until a certain point is reached in the relationship. Something that gives me hope that genuine courtship is on the return is the new in person event where clients come out for an evening to learn cooking or go bowling or a wine tasting. The way we once met people before the internet changed all that with online dating.

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