• Overpopulation is bad

    There is plenty of evidence that the earth is suffering due to the parasitic human species. We extract the planet's resources, Pollute its waters and air, And cause the extinction of its species. We are not good for the planet. Therefore, It could be said that fewer of us would be good.

  • Covid-19 is not the answer to overpopulation

    Overpopulation is a problem, But its solution should not include death. Instead, There should be a limit on how many children people can have, Like what China did. This would decrease the world’s population, But people wouldn’t have to die for the decrease. In the meantime, Let’s social distance and wear masks to decrease the amount of death from Covid-19.

  • No it isn’t

    The covid19 is not good because it is bad man humans must live and they should live forever because humans are beneficial for our buildings and our hard work on technology as well ok and no I think that we should defeat the covid 19 forever ok ok bye bye

  • No Innocent People shouldn't die.

    I think Overpopulation wise it won't have too much affect. Such as places like India, Yes the disease will spread like wildfire, But after the Coronavirus is over India will most likely get their population up again. In India there are very high birth-rates. Though the disease is still terrible and I hope it will be over soon. Plus I don't think it will tear down the Population of the world. My Final thought The coronavirus Is not good (even in overpopulated countries)
    And will not have a big affect on population.

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