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Is covid one big fake (Give me tons of evidence)

Asked by: TheGamerDebater
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  • Wait wut hell no

    Covid is one big fake. People are dying from masking up more than "Covid" is. Saw someone at walmart pass out due to it. Plus all diseases seemed to be renamed covid to add more "Cases and deaths" to add more fear into people. People think they can rely on the CDC and everything because they look up to them for help. So that's how government (Democrats precisely) and CDC can control people. Fear. Covid are killing people who are pretty old? Looks like thats the life expectancy of most people who died of covid. Plus they think people died from covid when people died WITH covid. BIG DIFFERENCE! Doesn't it seem weird and suspicious that "Cases" have rapid gone down since Biden became prez? Yeah. SO PEOPLE ARE BEING STUPID AND FEARFUL BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT ARE EXPLOITING FEAR TO CONTROL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. They wanna see how much they can control and get away with. If we don't fix this soon, We will become under the rule of tyranny! If u guys r on my side, GOOD 4 U! If u r not, Welp guess u r one of the ppl who wanna shut me down and not let the truth being exposed. OH! THAT REMINDED ME! Government don't want truth getting out. They censor and block opinions and posts on social media like this opinion i'm writing. SO. . . Doesn't it seem to go together?

  • It’s just not

    A lot of people have died from covid, Even some of my family members. It’s not a hoax. It’s something that should really be taken care of. It really is terrifying how a virus could affect so many people. It’s not a hoax. It’s really out there. Take my word for it.

  • Only idiots believe COVID is fake.

    I think that the whole world recognizing COVID as a pandemic and developing vaccines for it is proof enough of COVID being real. Also, They aren't renaming different diseases to COVID, They're different variants! The variants are simply different COVIDs that have mutated and reproduced spreading their mutations. It's a natural process of any living thing for mutations to occur. I'm not saying that the US isn't using COVId to their advantage but it's definitely still a thing. The media also hypes up COVID for their own profit.

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