Is covid really a big deal anymore in the United States

  • We should be cautious

    COVID is still a big problem in many parts of the world. It's important that we do not let our guard completely down, Especially as variants begin to spread and show resistance to the vaccine. We should be mindful that people have died and are still getting sick, And we should be as safe as possible to save lives.

  • Wtf hell no

    Covid has been really declining these days. SO WHEN COVID DECLINES, IT WON'T GO BACK UP. IF COVID IS DONE FOR, WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL PUTTING FEAR ON THEIR FACE (Masks) AND SOCIAL DISTANCING FROM THEIR LOVED ONES? ! OH JUST BECAUSE OF THE WUHAN FLUHAN OR (Insert funny covid name here)! Who made the CDC the boss of us. Why can't we go back to normal life like it once was. Why can't we go back to the former glory of freedom and NOT FEAR. We already have so much we have to deal with. Now we add Covid to the list? F**k no

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