Is Cra-Z-Art a Government Conspiracy to get kids to buy markers?

Asked by: halocraft0523
  • I have a theory

    I have a theory that the government plants minicams into their markers so they can catch kids with guns and junk. They don't trust kids to just use the markers wisely and not draw on stuff that's not paper. I'm a kid myself, so i'd be even less likely to make a statement like this, and yet here we are. My mom probably pays 500$ to the government a year for this crap. It's treason.

  • Is everyone blind?

    How is the world so blind? Cra-Z-Art is the most evil company in the world. Not even Play-Doh is as evil. Ask yourself this, what do they sell? Markers. Case closed, but I have more. All of the main department stores all are in on it. They all give a small percentage of their profits to the government.. Every time I buy Cra-Z-Art I have to pay extra to the government. This is treason!

  • Yes it is

    Yes it is a conspiracy. In 1st grade my teacher took all our crayons and handed everyone back different boxes. I got the cra-z art one and 1st grade was my lowest year. The government had deep control on my mind and every time i saw a flag i recited the pledge of allegiance. Cra-z art is a government conspiracy to kill us all.

  • The markers are bombs

    The government has put bombs in the cra-z art markers. If you own any of these markers you are in danger. They are rigged to blow 6/9 2018. If we together can get the markers in one spot the explosion will be so big that God will literally come to earth and throw Mark Zuckerberg in hell. This could also revive Nelson Mándela which could bring back bionicles.

  • The truth is here ladies and gentleman.

    Guys, Cra-Z-Art is secretly the Illuminati. I saw my brother drawing the Illuminati symbol using Cra-Z-Art markers. They have brainwashed him using special chemicals in the markers! Don't let my brother's misfortune go in vain. Your child could be next if you let the chemicals control your thoughts. Nobody can be trusted.

  • It was obvious

    Cra-Z-Art, more like Cra-Z-Fart. Cra-Z-Art is a corrupt company that is giving kids dangerous chemicals like heroin to children in the form of markers in order to get more children to buy their products. The government is in on it too. This is a disgrace towards all Americans and this problem needs to be fixed.

  • No. That would be ridiculous.

    The idea that the entire brand of Cra-Z-Art was created and is controlled by the government purely for the purpose of encouraging children to buy more markers is absurd. It runs much deeper than that. You think that the government would think they could raise marker sales with such terrible products? No, the Cra-Z-Art brand exists to drive citizens to complacency. The infuriatingly low quality seen in Cra-Z-Art products is perfectly designed to slowly destroy the minds of all who use it. The packaging appears similar to that of Crayola, and Cra-Z-Art products typically have attractively low prices. Both of these aspects exist to trick unsuspecting grandparents and teachers into buying their products for young children. People are introduced to Cra-Z-Art products from a young age, being forced to use horribly waxy colored pencils and markers that run out of ink basically the second their tips hit a piece of paper. The anger that comes from such poorly made art supplies builds up inside, but it's true source is hidden from users of this product due to it's clever disguise as just some random markers that no one really likes that much but people buy anyway. Unable to find the source of their unhappiness, people go madder and madder as time goes on. Or should I say Cra-Z-er and Cra-Z-er? Eventually, those who use Cra-Z-Art products give up. They accept the inevitability of the anger and disappointed sadness that is placed in their minds by what they thought were innocent markers, bowing down to their Cra-Z-Art masters. Don't buy Cra-Z-Art. Buy Crayola (granted, Crayola is also a conspiracy, but it's just to get kids to buy more markers and colored pencils, so it's fine).

  • What the hecking heck heckers?

    This debate cannot be justified. We need evidence, and none of us can prove it. Please pull out your comments from this debate immediately unless you can prove your theory. We don't need to wasted space on Debate. Org for such irrational questions without any sense involved. Thank you for seeing.

  • What is wrong with you?

    Cra-Z-Art is a amazing program with intrecieyt designs. They are the worlds greatest company supassing Apple. Everyone is just hating on it because Crayola is losing popularity. It is like the new facebook. Cra-Z-Art deseves its own movie! Get Recked Bro! I need more to be able to sumbimit gs.

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