• It doesn't work.

    When you are trying to cram so many things into one small study session it doesn't work. You can burn your brain out and won't learn anything that day. It may be affective but not in a good way. I Found out that you just need to study for a while.

  • You do not rememeber everything

    There may be some information the student will retain for the exam because they just studied for it. Most of the information will not sink in because they did not give themselves enough time to prepare for the exam. Sometimes, cramming becomes counter productive because the student will mix up all the information and end up failing the exam anyway.

  • Yes, cramming for an exam is a bad idea.

    I definitely think that cramming before an exam is a bad idea. I think that trying to learn everything that you need to before you have to take a test can be a dangerous thinkg. It isn't the best way to retain information. I think students should instead be more responsible.

  • I think that cramming before an exam is a bad idea.

    I think cramming isn't a good idea.By Cramming ,one can't understand the topic properly.If one has read the topic thoroughly,there's no need for cramming.Secondly,most of the question are changed to some extent in the exams.They are not just the carbon copies of those in textbooks or guides .Cramming will not help in these situations.

  • Cramming before exams is a good idea

    If you don't have time, You can use cramming and revise effectively. Teachers give quite a lot of homework even if it is exams very soon. Although people say that you cannot remember much with cramming. If you are focused in class and is good at school, You would only have to skim through your notebooks and past works and the memory that might have been forgotten will instantly come back and you only need to look at it briefly. Cramming can get you the highest mark.

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    A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z. A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z.

  • Is cramming before exams a bad idea

    Cramming means to feed your short memory and understanding means to feed your long memory.Cramming works for while but understanding works for ever life. If you don't gasp what you learn means your knowledge is incomplete . Understanding provides long terms of advantage . Cramming is not good thing .

  • Better late than never.

    No, cramming before exams is not a bad idea, because it is better to study late than never. If a person rehearses information, it is more likely that they will remember the information when they are tested. One last quick review can make a big difference when it comes to doing well on the exam.

  • I think that cramming before an exam is a good idea.

    I think that cramming before an exam is a good idea. While it is good to study consistently so
    that one may master the subject matter, sometimes there is just no time. Cramming right before an exam can quickly
    load a student’s brain with the subject matter that is most needed for the

  • Cramming is better than nothing

    It's preferable to actually study, but sometimes cramming works. If you have a decent short-term memory, you can cram and retain some of the material. Cramming will help a bit if you hit the main points of the material, review key concepts and use some tricks to remember them. You may not get an A, but cramming will help avoid an F.

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