• Art helps in centering of the person

    The modern mind is often looking for stimuli for entertainment and satisfaction. The mind is completely externalized in terms of seeking happiness. We always feel something out there is going to bridge the gap. Whereas getting involved deep into an art experience helps an individual to dive deep within and access that part of the mind/ brain to release the anxiety and find the answers or at least the possibilities of change within the self. A gentle helping hand of the therapist is welcome in the process.

  • Art is therapeutic

    Most people would say that art is therapeutic and on the other hand some people may say it just passes the time by. Art for me is therapeutic. Art helps me express my self when I don’t have another way to do so. Art helps me with my anger and helps me when imp sad and happy. To me art is away for people to express ones self. Also there is art therapy out there. It’s extremely important to externalize ones emotions. As well there are many forms of art that people can do and that form of art can be therapeutic. People may say that art is not therapeutic but art is therapeutic because it is relaxing and it makes you take your mind off the world and also takes your mind off of the stuff that your stressing over.

  • Creating is a form of de-stressing.

    There is a strong positive correlation between creating art and feeling better about ones self. The same goes for cleaning something or exercising--there is a release of negativity. This in turn, is replaced with positivity. The instant gratification, personal pride, and creative visuals of art abet one's intuition to feel good about the things around them.

  • Creating art soothes the soul.

    When you create, especially with art, you create from your inner being. This creation allows you to express what is going on in your innermost being. This is always a therapeutic process that will help you to feel better about yourself and your life. So my answer is definitely yes.

  • Yes, it is

    Art is a way of expressing yourself. It is a way of putting whatever you feel or think into a creation. Art therapy is a thing that exists, so obviously art can be very therapeutic and work as a method of therapy. Creating art can help people to put the thoughts they can't put into words into a creation and do something good with it rather than destructive.

  • Yes, creating art is therapeutic.

    It is extremely important to externalize one's emotions. There are many ways one might go about this. For example, someone who is very charismatic might be very capable of doing this directly, by socializing and deftly conveying his or her thoughts and desires to others. However, many of us are not so fortunate. Luckily, art is something everyone can do.

    There are many forms of art, and the definition of the term is very open-ended and subjective. The potential for emotional expression through the arts is unparalleled by sports, work, and other activities. If a person is able to enter into a creative opportunity, such as painting or music-making, with an open mind and a detachment from convention, they are able to express themselves in a way that is raw, primal, and idiosyncratic. Doing so allows the artist a completely new means and vocabularies to externalize their internal conditions.

    Holding one's inner feelings, frustrations confusions, etc. internally is damaging, and can lead to insecurity, hypocrisy, vice, anxiety, and depression, among other things. These internal conditions may manifest in external symptoms such as depression, denial, substance abuse, anxiety and delusion. It is better to explore and acknowledge these conditions than to suppress them.

  • Art is therapeutic because it is relaxing and it takes your mind off of the world.

    It has been known for quite some time that art is a great way to relieve stress in your life. It is very therapeutic in many ways. Not only does it bring out the creative side of a person, but it also takes away a lot of the pressure built up in you from the everyday world. Next time you're having a very stressful day, grab yourself a paint brush and melt the stress away.

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